Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line 2000

Mitsubishi Electric Delivers Train Information Monitoring And Analysis System For Tokyo Metro’s New Marunouchi Line 2000 Series Trains – Feb 19, 2019 – Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today that it has delivered its Train Information Monitoring and Analysis (TIMA) system for new Marunouchi Line 2000 series trains operated by Tokyo Metro Company. From February 23, 2019, TIMA will enable faster responses to operational problems and optimize the timing of inspections and parts replacement. The new system will make full use of IoT and big-data visualization and analysis of information collected from in-service trains for extra-safe and reliable train operations.

Mitsubishi Electric will support TIMA by providing Tokyo Metro with IoT-based services for monitoring and analyzing train data to optimize the timing of scheduled and condition-based maintenance. In addition, Tokyo Metro is considering to use selected big data collected and stored with TIMA as open data for value-added passenger services delivered via smartphone applications or other technologies.

The Marunouchi Line operates 336 railcars on a 24.2km line spanning 28 train stations. It runs between Ogikubo Station in western Tokyo and Ikebukuro Station in northern Tokyo, passing through central Tokyo and the business district of Marunouchi, its namesake. It averaged daily ridership of some 1.60 million passengers in 2017, according to Tokyo Metro.