Minsheng Financial Leasing Takes Its First Legacy 650
Minsheng Financial Leasing Takes Its First Legacy 650

Mar 26,2012 –- ​Shanghai, China -–At the press conference held today at the 2012 Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE), Embraer and China’s Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (MSFL) jointly announced that the first of 13 previously announced Legacy 650 aircraft ordered by MSFL has been delivered.

The milestone is the culmination of a Memorandum of Understanding between Minsheng and Embraer, signed last July, covering the full range of Embraer’s executive jets which was shortly followed by MSFL’s 13-aircraft Legacy 650 order. At the 2012 Singapore Airshow, Embraer and Minsheng announced an additional agreement for three Lineage 1000, ultra-large jets.

“Minsheng Financial Leasing is one of our most valued customers and partners,” said Ernest Edwards, President, Embraer Executive Jets. “The successful delivery of the first Legacy 650 reflects the faith our Chinese customers have placed in Embraer and our products.”

“We are really glad to be part of Embraer’s family of users worldwide,” said Kong Linshan, Chairman of Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. “The Legacy 650, with its outstanding performance and intelligent luxury, has become one of the best choices for the top-tier customers in China. Embraer, with its own legacy in aviation industry, provides customers with tailor-made and fully dedicated services. This customer service allows Minsheng Financial to become one of the top leasing companies in the world as it scales up its fleet in the coming years.”

Embraer’s Legacy 650 is gaining increased attention by Chinese customers as it perfectly fits in the business climate of the China market.  Earlier this year, a Legacy 650 was delivered to the international movie star Jackie Chan, who is also Embraer’s Executive Jets brand ambassador.

As the only jet in its class offering three distinct cabin zones, the Legacy 650 provides spacious room for up to 14 passengers with ultimate comfort.  With advanced onboard business facilities and dramatically reduced cabin noise, the jet ensures an environment in which passengers can work or rest.  The fully berthable seats, a fully equipped wet galley and the largest inflight accessible baggage compartment in its class are other value-added highlights for the transoceanic jet.

The Legacy 650 has a range of 3,900 nautical miles (7,223 kilometers), affording its customers such nonstop flights from Beijing to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Hong Kong to Adelaide (Australia). Its state-of-the-art cockpit includes the Honeywell Primus Elite™ avionics suite, greatly reducing pilot workload and enhancing safety.

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About Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (MSFL), was established in April 2008, and is one of the first five financial leasing companies approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) in China. Sponsored by China Minsheng Banking Corporation Ltd. (CMBC), MSFL’s total registered capital is USD 944 million (RMB 5.095 billion).

MSFL has become the leader in the respective market sectors of China’s leasing industry. As the main non-banking financial institution to engage in financial leasing, MSFL has a staff of experts specializing in shipping, aviation, large equipment manufacturing and other fields to provide professional and quality financial leasing products and services to large and SME domestic and overseas enterprises.

Since its inception, MSFL has adopted the concepts of professionalism and efficient management. According to market demands, the company reacts with innovation, vitality and flexibility to provide quality and complete leasing services to customers. MSFL has established a good brand image in the industry and is widely acclaimed by clients.