ExpressRx Track Pharmacy Automation
ExpressRx Track Pharmacy Automation

Dec 04, 2012– Pittsburg, USA  (Techreleased) – McKesson High Volume Solutions (HVS) unveiled an all new ExpressRx Track pharmacy automation solution featuring state-of-the-art robotics, upgraded imaging and expanded vial capabilities, and industry-leading speed and accuracy in a radically small footprint with flexible payment options.  Perfect for pharmacies dispensing 1,000 to 3,000 prescriptions per shift looking to drive efficiency, reduce cost-to-fill and redeploy labor into revenue-generating front-of-store programs like vaccines, or expand into mail order, specialty or central fill offerings.  The ExpressRx Track is built with pharmacy space and dispensing efficiency in mind, this automated conveyor-based pharmacy has one of the smallest footprints and highest accuracy of any solution on the market.  The completely redesigned ExpressRx Track sets a new standard in performance and scalability automating 95% of all countable prescriptions at 99.99% accuracy for ExpressRx Track users.

The new ExpressRx Track pharmacy automation solution delivers workflow software that enables technology to work ahead of your staff and dispense count accuracy.  The ExpressRx Track also includes revolutionary new pill image features and supports a unified drug photo library so verification pharmacists can more seamlessly verify filled prescriptions within your operation.

McKesson High Volume Solution’s new technologies help drive patient safety, reduce operating costs and improve productivity with innovations that:

  • Automate up to 95% of all countable prescriptions with 99.99% industry-leading accuracy on pill counts
  • Reduce system capital expense so that you can generate return-on-investment sooner
  • Reduce system footprint and enable you to automate even when space is at a minimum
  • Reduce the system-wide labor cost per prescription with a more fully automated and validated process
  • Ensure the integrity of the replenishment process through full bar-code scanning and locking cells
  • Enable formulary-changes and generic switch opportunities through on-site calibration of dispensing cells