MATRIX Launches PowerStation that Harvests Energy From Ambient Air Alone – Nov 10, 2018 – Menlo Park, California (Techreleased) – MATRIX Industries, the materials science pioneers and creators of the only body-heat powered wearables, are today announcing the world’s first all-in-one integrated thermoelectric energy PowerStation to power anything from nothing.

PowerStation was developed to provide companies with the ability to integrate and leverage MATRIX’s leading energy harvesting technology into their own existing hardware such as IoT sensors, beacons and more. Whereas PowerWatch relies on body heat to energize the wearable, PowerStation generates energy from the ubiquitous temperature fluctuations in the ambient air around it.

At launch, MATRIX is already working with several partners – including government agencies, transportation companies and more – to integrate PowerStation into their existing infrastructure, ensuring clean and reliable always-on power when they need it.

“The whole connected world that everyone is talking about – this is where it begins,” said Akram Boukai, Cofounder and CEO at MATRIX. “If some new innovations are dubbed magical, PowerStation is black magic!”

The solid-state PowerStation solution perfectly pairs with IoT sensors and beacons, allowing for easy deployment and maintenance of thousands of beacons at once – defying the biggest deterrent of smart-city adoption yet; i.e. deploying, maintaining and powering the smart city. Similarly to PowerWatch which set the stage to eliminate the biggest consumer hesitancies to wearables, PowerStation is encouraging smart technology adoption in the enterprise with its seamless integration and charge-free solution.