MAN V12-1800
MAN V12-1800

Feb 07, 2013– Munich, Germany  (Techreleased) – From 2014 on, MAN will be offering a broad spectrum of yacht engines complying with the EPA Tier 3 emission standard for the USA. With the low-emission MAN engines, ship builders and owners continue to meet the statutory requirements of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). This is even achieved without any increase in fuel consumption under full load relative to the less stringent EPA Tier 2 emission standard.

The range of outputs delivered by MAN’s efficient EPA Tier 3 compliant yacht engines extends from 537 kW to 1,324 kW (730 hp to 1,800 hp) and includes all the latest generation V8 and V12 engines as well as the in-line six-cylinder. In detail, these are the following engines: R6-730, R6-800, V8-1000, V8-1200, V12-1400, V12-1550, V12-1650 and V12-1800.

EPA 3 engines retain compact design

The EPA Tier 3 emission standard, which comes into effect on January 1, 2014 calls for a twenty-percent reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbons (HC) to 5.8 g/kWh and a forty-percent reduction in particulate emission to 0.12 g/kWh relative to EPA Tier 2 for the output range covered by MAN engines. MAN yacht engines do not require external exhaust-gas aftertreatment systems to comply with the EPA Tier 3 limits. The engineers from the international Engine Competence Center in Nuremberg fulfil the more stringent regulations using engine-internal measures alone. The efficient MAN engines for yachts and pleasure craft thus continue to be outstanding for their economical consumption and compact design, giving architects and boat builders a lot of room to play with.

MAN at the Miami International Boat Show

This year once more, MAN will be exhibiting at the Miami International Boat Show, taking place in Miami, Florida, from February 14 through 18, 2013. The manufacturer of fast four-stroke diesel engines will be showing one example each of its most powerful eight- and twelve-cylinder engines (V8-1200 and V12-1800), certified for the current EPA Tier 2 emission standard, in the Marina at Stand 723. The first EPA Tier 3 yacht engine to go on show will be the engine exhibited by MAN at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in the USA in October this year. The presentation of the corresponding engines for working vessels is to take place at the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans in December.

MAN engines for yachts and pleasure craft

MAN builds powerful and compact diesel engines delivering from 537 to 1,324 kW (730 to 1,800 hp) for yachts and pleasure craft in the 50- to 100-foot classes. All MAN marine engines are characterised by powerful acceleration and extremely economical fuel consumption. The advantages of the V-engines in the range from 662 to 1,324 kW (900 to 1,800 hp) are above all their excellent power yield plus compact dimensions. The engines are shipped ready for installation and are optimally designed for the particular application and its operating conditions. Following installation, MAN will undertake inspection plus acceptance and commissioning of the engine. A Gold Standard certificate for engine acceptance is an extra guarantee for the boat owner. All engines comply with international exhaust standards.