MAN Introducing the first Euro-6 fire trucks – Dec 13, 2013– Munich, Germany (Techreleased) –  Fire truck manufacturers have introduced the first Euro 6 versions of their fire engines. They chose MAN chassis for this. The Austrian company Rosenbauer achieved this design using an MAN TGM 18.340 4×4 BB four-wheel drive chassis. An MAN TGM 13.290 4×4 BL chassis forms the basis at the German company Ziegler. Other body builders will follow suit soon and introduce their MAN chassis-based products. So, as of autumn 2013, MAN is the first commercial-vehicle manufacturer to be in a position to provide fire brigades with chassis for emergency vehicles which meet all the exhaust emission standards from Euro 3 to Euro 6.

MAN Euro-6 Fire Trucks
MAN Euro-6 Fire Trucks

The introduction of low-emission Euro 6 vehicles with their extremely effective, yet technologically sophisticated emission control system poses new challenges to body builders. They have to take into account the additional space needed for components such as the exhaust system and AdBlue tank, which are larger than those used in the Euro 5 category.

In fire trucks, the low-set tool compartments between the axles and the steps on both sides for access to the extended cab take up the space on the sides of the frame. This means that components such as the air intake, battery box and exhaust system, which would normally be fitted in that area on a standard chassis, have to be moved elsewhere. Technological constraints do, however, limit creative freedom for relocating these components in Euro 6 designs. In close cooperation between chassis manufacturer MAN and the body builders, a solution to this problem has been designed in which the various access systems such as fixed, fold-out or rotating steps can continue to be provided as usual. The storage space in the low-set tool compartments at the sides is preserved to ensure ergonomically optimised unloading. The air intake is located in the centre of the frame under the extended cab close to the front seat box. The compact exhaust silencer can be moved further backwards on MAN fire truck chassis from the TGL and TGM series and/or fitted rotated by 90 degrees. The body builder can be flexible in repositioning the ten-litre AdBlue tank to suit the body by using an extended supply line. This means that the conventional steps up to the cab can be realised as before.

Even for emergency vehicles where the customer has opted for the standard MAN crew cab, the Euro 6 components are so optimally arranged that the fire fighting equipment installers can add their bodies.

The special shift program of MAN’s TipMatic automatic gearbox, which was introduced at the start of 2013 for Euro 5, is also available for MAN emergency vehicles with Euro 6 emission standard. This is characterised by quicker acceleration and a special downshifting strategy for an emergency run.

In some countries such as Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom it will still be possible to purchase and register the Euro 5 version of emergency vehicles in 2014 with a certificate of exemption.