Luxair Acquires Four Fuel-Efficient Boeing 737-8 Jets for Fleet Expansion

Luxembourgian airline, Luxair, has announced the acquisition of four fuel-efficient Boeing 737-8 jets to expand its single-aisle fleet. The airline will lease two of the jets initially, with delivery expected for the summer, and purchase two directly. The move is aimed at providing increased capacity and connectivity to more destinations for the busy summer travel season.

According to the agreement between Luxair and Boeing, the 737-8 will provide flexibility across Luxair’s network while reducing fuel use and emissions by up to 20% compared to the planes it replaces. Each aircraft will save up to eight million pounds of CO2 emissions annually, significantly lowering the airline’s carbon footprint.

Gilles Feith, Luxair CEO, expressed his appreciation for the airline’s Board of Directors, staff members, customers, and Cargolux for their support. He added that the acquisition marked the beginning of securing the long-term future of Luxair.

“With the selection of the 737-8, Luxair is building a more sustainable operation, significantly lowering CO2 emissions while offering the latest airplane technology to its passengers,” said Ricardo Cavero, Vice President, Europe & Israel Sales and Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “Reducing noise from takeoffs and landings is a key aspect of environmental performance, especially for communities near airports. The 737-8 is a quieter airplane that helps create a 50% smaller noise footprint than the airplanes it replaces.”

The 737-8 has a seating capacity of 162 to 210 passengers depending on configuration and a range of 3,500 nautical miles, making it the market’s most versatile single-aisle airplane, capable of operating profitably on short- and medium-haul routes.

Luxair currently operates a fleet of 19 airplanes, including eight Next-Generation 737s. The acquisition of four Boeing 737-8 jets will expand the airline’s single-aisle fleet and increase its operational efficiency, further solidifying its position as the quality airline of Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

The move is in line with Luxair’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. The airline has already taken several measures to reduce its carbon footprint, including the use of biofuels and investing in more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Luxair’s decision to acquire the Boeing 737-8 jets is also a testament to its confidence in the aviation industry’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. With the summer travel season fast approaching, Luxair is looking to provide its customers with more destinations and increased connectivity, while also ensuring their safety and comfort.

The acquisition of the 737-8 jets is expected to have a positive impact on the local economy, creating jobs and generating revenue for the airline and its partners.

Luxair’s acquisition of four fuel-efficient Boeing 737-8 jets for fleet expansion is a significant step towards building a more sustainable operation and securing the airline’s long-term future. The move is expected to increase capacity, connectivity, and operational efficiency, while also reducing the airline’s carbon footprint. It is a testament to Luxair’s commitment to sustainability and confidence in the aviation industry’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.