Logica Sweden Chooses CA Technologies To Secure Cloud Services
Logica Sweden Chooses CA Technologies To Secure Cloud Services

July 04, 2012 – Stockholm, Sweden  (Techreleased) – CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today announced that Logica Sweden is deploying CA IdentityMinder® to automate user provisioning for access to applications based on each user’s role within the organization. The solution’s automated processes enable rapid provisioning while its reports aid in compliance processes. The ability to provide employees and customers with the right access privileges enables Logica Sweden to boost staff productivity and enhance agility as resources can be deployed more rapidly.


Logica Sweden provides customers with outsourced infrastructure services based on a private cloud delivery model. In total it manages more than 10,000 physical and virtual servers on behalf of its customers, which span a wide variety of sectors including financial services, retail, manufacturing and government.

The security of these cloud-based environments is a key priority for Logica and its customers – both in terms of safeguarding confidential data and meeting regulatory requirements.

Anders Sandell, Director of Security at Logica Sweden commented: “When customers are looking for cloud providers, identity and access management controls are very important. If we cannot demonstrate that we have a robust approach to governing and securing system access, we could lose business. A robust approach also helps us to meet internal security policy requirements which are critical in enabling the business to retain the ISO 27001 accreditation.”

CA IdentityMinder automates the process of user provisioning from the initial access request through to the verification of approval. The ability to automate provisioning will help Logica Sweden continuously manage its staff members who have permanent access to multiple systems, in line with best practices and the ‘segregation of duties’  needed to comply with various regulations. Access can be granted in real-time and can be limited not only to particular systems but also to specific actions, which significantly reduces the risk of insider security breaches.

The solution will help Logica Sweden and its customers safeguard the security of their business-critical systems and comply with industry regulations. “With CA IdentityMinder, we can help address customers’ security and compliance needs in minutes rather than in weeks, which helps us maintain our competitive edge and win more business,” concluded Sandell.