Lockheed Martin Delivers SolaS Hybrid Cloud Solution
Lockheed Martin Delivers SolaS Hybrid Cloud Solution

Sept 27, 2012–Gaithersburg,USA (Techreleased) –Lockheed Martin today announced the availability of the Lockheed Martin SolaS™ Hybrid Cloud Solution. SolaS, or Solution as a Service, represents Lockheed Martin’s mission-focused approach to secure cloud computing that combines best-in-industry partnerships and unprecedented domain expertise to deliver private, community and hybrid offerings for a variety of customers.

The SolaS Hybrid Cloud represents a modular suite of capabilities delivering command, control, brokerage and security across multiple clouds. The solution uses Lockheed Martin’s intelligence-driven defense approach to provide proactive and continuous cloud security situational awareness, and real-time compliance and configuration management. These capabilities are delivered by leveraging technologies from Lockheed Martin Cyber Security Alliance™ partners including CA, Cisco, Intel, McAfee, NetApp, Trustwave and VMware.

The solution allows customers the flexibility to use a single storefront to leverage cloud services from the Lockheed Martin SolaS Private and Community clouds and partner public cloud providers. By automating and orchestrating end-to-end services through this unique capability, customers are provided with enhanced security, integrated financials and transparent visibility across all of their cloud assets while avoiding cloud vendor lock-in.

The SolaS Hybrid Cloud is in use today by Lockheed Martin and its customers. It easily enables end users to broker multiple Lockheed Martin SolaS Private clouds and SolaS Community clouds, as well as multiple partner public clouds to solve many challenges.

“At Lockheed Martin, we focus on our customers’ challenges and recognize the sensitivities surrounding security, affordability and performance. Through experience as a cloud integrator and cyber security provider, we can offer secure mission ready private, public and community or hybrid combinations to meet their needs,” said Curt Aubley, Vice President, NexGen Cyber Innovation & Technology.

The Lockheed Martin Cyber Security Alliance combines the strengths of market leading companies’ solutions and integrates their best practices, hardware, software and tools within Lockheed Martin’s NexGen Cyber Innovation and Technology Centersfor partnership and innovation.

“NetApp and Cisco FlexPod® based on Intel Trusted Execution Technology™ was selected as a secure infrastructure foundation to support Lockheed Martin’s SolaS Hybrid and Private clouds. This combined expertise and innovative thought leadership delivers the flexibility and affordability customers are asking for,” said Mark Weber, President of NetApp U.S. Public Sector.