LTE dedicated M2M Module WDLX-LU100-F
LTE dedicated M2M Module WDLX-LU100-F
LTE dedicated M2M Module  WDLX-LU100-F
LTE dedicated M2M Module WDLX-LU100-F

Oct 29, 2012– Korea, Seoul  (Techreleased) – LG U Plus announces less than half price compared to the existing module, the quality of data and communication breakthrough mainstream ‘LTE dedicated M2M Module (Model: WDLX-LU100-F).

M2M  communications intelligence module, released today by U.S. chipset manufacturer specializing GCT Semiconductor communications chips to increase the performance and quality satisfaction, product coverage nationwide network based on dense LTE LG U Plus the advantage of making use of LTE is a dedicated module, is the most affordable in the domestic price is 50,000 won. Module price when compared with the existing level of 120,000 won a whopping 58% affordable level. LG U Plus came up at a breakthrough price, the price competitiveness is the key to open up new M2M era and new parts supply line selection, reducing manufacturing costs, and judgments.
In particular, LTE utilizes a wide range of products to LG Innotek and development, this module can be applied. First module of the vehicle, such as vending machines, black box, is planning to take advantage of that. New M2M market to open in the future in a variety of fields, such as cameras, CCTV, Vehicle Black Box, telemedicine systems, digital signage, smart grid, reporting, plans to ride Communications in conjunction with concentrating.

LG U Plus developers quickly and easily promote ease of development, and the desired small-and medium-sized enterprises and private developers to provide software development kit (SDK) and LG U Plus M2M platform API (Application Program Interface) to communicate through experience LTE grafted to develop products.

Meanwhile, LG U Plus is also actively promoting support for the M2M market. ‘LTE LG U Plus running Sangam Building Open Innovation Center’ to provide free dedicated M2M module developed for LTE support new device development of SMEs.

Partnership with SMEs to develop new devices to take advantage of the LTE M2M modules, as well as to provide opportunities for business by expanding briskly explore joint marketing plans. The LTE M2M module is available through the Open Innovation Center website (

Managing Director of LG U Plus device development is responsible choechabong future potential as a big market, M2M market M2M sole discretion, price competitiveness is key in the initial expansion module lead me to introduce it ride and communications strategy to keep pushing forward, “said M2M also a constant support system through partnerships and joint development of SMEs and create new business opportunities for M2M market actively identify and respond me out, “he said.