LG 360 VR

LG has taken an innovative step by introducing several modules that can transform how its popular LG G5 smartphone operates. If you’re interested in having the latest mobile technology, you need to learn more about LG G5 and Friends.

Modules for the LG G5

LG Friends are modules that add functionality to your G5 smartphone, creating an entire ecosystem of products designed to personalize how you use your mobile device. No other company offers these accessories, so the ingenuity is worthy of your attention. The company currently offers four devices that you can add to your smartphone:

  • LG 360 VR
  • LG 360 CAM
  • LG CAM Plus
  • LG TONE PLATINUM Wireless Stereo Headset

LG 360 VR

LG 360 VR

Price: $199.99

The LG 360 VR is perhaps the most exciting module available for the LG G5 smartphone. The portable virtual reality headset has a 639ppi dual display and six-axis motion tracking to give you an immersive experience.

Reviewers have given mixed reviews to the device. Many commend LG for taking a chance on a portable virtual reality device that plugs directly into a smartphone. A lot of reviewers also appreciate the sleek, ergonomic design. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear, even during lengthy sessions. On the other hand, some experts complain that the display’s graphics aren’t as realistic as those offered by some VR headsets.

Considering that this is LG’s first version of its 360 VR headset, you can expect noteworthy improvements in the next generation. The current model will appeal to early adopters, but careful consumers will likely wait for later models.

LG 360 CAM

Price: $199.99

The LG 360 CAM, as its name implies, takes 360-degree images. It comes with dual 13 MP wide-angle cameras and 5.1-channel surround sound recording so that you can capture everything around you with just one click.

Overall, the LG 360 CAM has received positive reviews that present it as a fun addition to the LG G5 and Friends ecosystem. It’s small and unobtrusive, which makes taking pictures on the sly even easier. It’s also a novel item that a lot of people will enjoy playing with. The downsides include its somewhat lackluster resolution and some annoying software glitches that make it difficult to share images with friends.

The LG 360 CAM works with phones other than the G5, but not many people have tested it with other devices. In all likelihood, it will work best with the G5, which is the center of the Friends ecosystem. Plus, the LG G5 itself has some impressive features for people who love taking pictures, such as dual lenses that allow ultra-wide-angle shots.

Again, this is a first-generation product, so you should expect a few bugs. However, LG will no doubt continue to improve on its 360 camera.


Price: $69.99

Most consumers will probably appreciate the LG CAM PLUS more than LG’s VR headset and 360 camera. The average person, after all, is more concerned about taking good photographs than about playing with high-tech equipment.

LG designed the CAM PLUS to transform the LG G5 into a traditional camera. The module gives you a comfortable grip; provides physical keys for controlling the phone’s zoom, shutter, and record keys; and will automatically focus when you press the shutter key halfway down. If you’ve ever felt frustrated while taking pictures with a smartphone, this device could greatly improve the experience.


Price: $199.99

The LG TONE PLATINUM is a Bluetooth stereo headset with Harman Kardon Platinum Sound speakers and dual MEMS microphones. Here are some things you should know about this headset:

  • It offers up to 11 hours of talk time, 10 hours of music play time, and 17.3 days of standby time.
  • You can charge it in less than two hours.
  • It has a 33-foot operating range.

The only potential downside to the LG TONE PLATINUM is its $199.99 MSRP, which some shoppers will find expensive. But for audiophiles who love listening to music on the go, it’s one of the best options.

LG’s imaginative development of this constellation of modules has the potential to make smartphones more useful and fun. The ecosystem’s success, however, will depend on early adopters willing to support the concept while LG’s engineers work to improve each module.