Lexus Introduces The Newest Addition To Its Lineup – Nov 27, 2018 – Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – The all-new Lexus UX goes on sale today at all Lexus dealerships across Japan. Catering to urbanites in search of a fresh, contemporary and dynamic take on luxury driving, the UX offers the brand’s innovative design, luxury features, and advanced safety in a package that combines charismatic new styling elements and ultra-efficient new powertrains.

Infused with dynamic attitude, the 2019 Lexus UX is engineered to deliver quick and engaging driving with a Lexus-smooth demeanor, making it a unique entry in the luxury compact crossover segment.

The 2019 UX is the first Lexus developed to use the new Global Architecture-Compact (GA-C) platform. A lightweight yet super-rigid structure, low center of gravity and refined suspension tuning endow the UX with exemplary handling agility and ride comfort, along with a distinctive driving personality.

The UX’s bold and sophisticated personality is characterized by a solid exterior that exudes power and strength, while the wide fenders and compact body convey the vehicle’s agility. Inside, the cockpit invites the driver to enjoy the exhilaration of driving, while the cabin generates an overall sense of spaciousness that is immediately noticeable to the vehicle’s occupants.

Main features of the all-new UX


The UX’s exterior styling exudes strength and power, while offering a sense of sophistication and grace that expresses the vehicle’s agile nature. The body’s solid build emphasizes toughness and stability, providing a sense of security for all occupants. The UX possesses body proportions befitting a vehicle with excellent agility, achieved by its aggressive fender shape that flows from the center of the cabin toward the front and rear tires. The GA-C platform’s low center of gravity, in tandem with wide-diameter wheels, bolster the UX’s athletic demeanor.

Arrowhead-shaped clearance lamps located immediately above the headlamps, which feature three LED bulbs, render an aggressive front fascia. The eye-catching Lexus spindle grille features a block-style mesh that changes shape depending on the viewing angle.


The cockpit amplifies the exhilaration of driving. The styling and shape of the cabin generate an overall sense of spaciousness that is immediately noticeable to the vehicle’s occupants. Possessing the silhouette of a crossover vehicle, the UX also offers a low driving position, further enhancing the driver’s sense of unity with the vehicle.

Two new interior colors were developed for the UX. “Cobalt” illustrates a blue that injects the vehicle with a sense of sportiness and fashion, and “White Ash” gives the spacious interior a modern flavor.

GA-C platform

The GA-C platform provides the UX with high structural rigidity realized through the use of Laser Screw Welding, high-strength adhesives, and the reinforced architecture of the rear door frame. Body panels utilize aluminum, resulting in a lightweight vehicle with a low center of gravity.

2.0-liter hybrid system

The direct-injection inline-4 engine acts in concert with a newly developed hybrid system, allowing optimal motor assist and engine rpm and realizing excellent fuel economy with a smooth on-road drive.

The UX is available with E-Four electrical all-wheel drive, specially developed for the GA-C platform. The power delivered to the four wheels is optimized to provide smooth acceleration from a still position, while offering a high level of safety during drives on less-than-ideal road conditions. On surfaces with high levels of grip, the system employs front-wheel-drive, resulting in excellent fuel economy.