Leuze Electronic USA Announces New Production Facilities In US
Leuze Electronic USA Announces New Production Facilities In US

May 31, 2012 – New Hudson , USA (Techreleased) –Production of Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices will begin on July 1st, 2012 at the new Leuze Electronic manufacturing site in New Hudson, MI. Once production of this product begins in the US it will result in an unprecedented offering within the market – this new manufacturing site will allow for same day shipments of built to order multi-beam sensors; meaning customers can place and order in the morning and it will ship in the afternoon.

Historically light-curtains have been utilized for perimeter guarding; however Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices (MLD) provide a safer, more cost effective solution to safeguard machinery and robotic systems. Advantages of the MLD range over the typical light-curtains is a more robust housing, longer ranges/distances and extended temperature range (-30°C to +55°C) using 1, 2, 3 or 4 beams. Although rich in features such as integrated laser alignment and muting lamp, the MLD range has a much simpler installation and alignment than traditional light-curtains, with set up enabled without PLC or switches.

Typical applications which will benefit from the increased safety and lower cost of multi-beams are;

  • Machine Tools: laser cutting, punching, water jet cutting, robotic welding, structural steel manufacturing and machining.
  • Material Handling: palletizers, shrink wrappers, bottling distribution centers and warehousing/distribution in general.
  • Automotive manufacturing cells and robotic cells.
  • Area Protection of expansive areas and preventing access from dangerous machines or processes.

Matthias Otto, CEO and President of Leuze electronic USA says “We are excited to begin production July 1st at our new manufacturing site in New Hudson, MI.  Leuze electronic is extremely proud to be able to offer our customers an unmatched product and service with our same day shipping of our exclusive Multi-Light Beam Safety Devices. In today’s industrial environment, safety and budgets are becoming increasingly paramount, and Leuze’s MLD range offers a cost effective solution that ensures a safer future for the entire industry. Both the product and service Leuze electronic will offer beginning July 1st demonstrates our commitment to product innovation and development, but also our customer centric focus by ensuring that our service matches the high paced, on-demand needs of our market.”