KODAK i2400 Scanner
KODAK i2400 Scanner

July 26, 2012– Rochester,USA (Techreleased) – A KODAK i2400 Scanner is enabling the medical staff at Riverside Surgery in Worcestershire, England to gain faster, more accurate access to medical records and information as they make decisions for their 13,500 patients. The i2400 Scanner also makes the capture, delivery, and management of patient information more cost-effective. The solution connects an i2400 Scanner with PCTI DOCMAN Electronic Document Management and Workflow Solution, which provides users with rapid, direct access to data from PCTI iSOFT SYNERGY Clinical Software.

“Our existing scanner was slow and needed replacing,” said Becky Sparrow, IT Manager, Riverside Surgery. “When we saw the KODAK i2400 Scanner at Docman’s user group, we were impressed by its speed, feature set and potential to save us time and money, with Kodak’s three-year warranty guaranteeing service over time.”

Able to process up to 2,000 pages per day at 30 pages per minute, the compact i2400 Scanner includes Kodak’s Perfect Page Imaging Technology, which results in less time required for document preparation, fewer rescans, and virtually no interruptions during operation. The scanner features next generation dual indirect LED illumination to eliminate traditional lamp warm up time.

“In addition to speed, the KODAK i2400 Scanner automatically rotates pages so everything is the right way up, as well as automatically scanning colour pages,” said Sparrow. “Previously we had to photo copy colour documents to improve quality, and then scan them, which was hugely time wasting.”

Digitised images from patient documents are scanned by PCTI INTELLISENSE OCR Software for DOCMAN Software, which captures key fields including name, address, date of birth and national health system number. This data is accurately and quickly filed into patients’ clinical records contained in the SYNERGY System. Clinicians can then quickly review information in consultation with their patients.

“Processing documents using INTELLISENSE Software takes seconds with our iWorkflow module, which allows us to route information to the appropriate staff member for review within one or two mouse clicks,” said Jonathan Wilson, Marketing Manager, PCTI.

The combined power and productivity of the i2400 Scanners and DOCMAN Solution provide a marked improvement in productivity for Riverside Surgery’s five-person administration team, which supports a large team that includes general practitioners, nurses, healthcare assistants, and a social worker.

“With a relationship with PCTI dating back almost 10 years, the two companies have worked together on multiple National Health Service (NHS) projects where 1,500 scanners have now been sold,” said Neil Murphy, Kodak’s UK Sales Manager. “High performance, reliability, level of warranty and ongoing service and support are essential for health service, and this is where Kodak excels.”

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