KINGMAX Sycret Cloud Card Internet Poll Worldwide For Smartphone Information Security Star–Nov 25, 2015– Taipei, Taiwan (Techreleased) –  With the popularization of4Gmobile network and the future of 21st century’s cloud technology, browsing the internet via mobile devices has become a common trend in modern life. However, while you’re busy sharing your photos via mobile phones, you’re also opening the doorway for hackers to hack into your apps and social network websites to retrieve your passwords. To safeguard your information security,


KINGMAX is the first in the world to release the Sycret Cloud Card for cloud data encryption equipped with the exclusive Security IC, providing software/hardware encryption functions to protect your data on Android devices, stopping hacker intrusions, as well as multiple Sycret keys to ensure your confidential information is not leaked even when you lose your devices! The Sycret Cloud is new privacy protector of choice for corporates, politicians, businessmen, and celebrities. Additionally, the exclusive security key restoration design ensures the encrypted files on cloud storages remain secured even if the card or the phone is lost.

The innovative and prospective Sycret Cloud Card will change the future of smart lifestyle for mankind. Upon release, this product is awarded the 2015 SBIR by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. It conforms to the highest protection for personal privacy and cloud data storage. KINGMAX does not only introduce hi-tech into everyday life, but also strive to become a trustworthy, reliable, and safe encrypted storage brand for you in light of the growing attention to information security concepts and providing more convenient life for the consumers. Whether its encrypted files on the phone or business secrets encrypted on cloud storages, you can all share freely with your friends, colleagues, and clients without worries. Furthermore, our additional capture & record encryption function provides a 24/7 bulletproof security for your personal information!

The Sycret Cloud Card offers a portable design which enables plug-and-play functionality with your Android phones, laptops, and other mobile devices. After downloading the free Sycret Cloud APP from Google Play, participate in the “Sycret Cloud Micro SD Card Product Premiere Video Like & Comment Event” on the official KINGMAX Facebook, and enter the Sycret Cloud Smartphone Information Security Star internet poll from today to Dec 6, 2015, for a chance to win an exclusive gift of a Sycret Cloud Card. For new product experience event details,