Kingmax DDR4 Memory Module Supports Intel Skylake–Oct 20, 2015– Taipei, Taiwan (Techreleased) – DDR4 memory has been on the market for quite some time. Expectations were raised when Intel Skylake announced support for DDR3Land DDR4.However, when X99 was launched, consumers were deterred due to the fact that DDR4 memory was too expensive. Skylake is divided into different classes and gamers can select the model that suits their own needs. On top of that, the new operating system Windows 10 which has just been launched spurs the sales of new hardware equipment. Intel Skylake and DDR4 therefore gain momentum.

Kingmax DDR4 memory

Memory manufacturer Kingmax utilizes its competitive advantage in the field of vertical integration to manufacture highly sophisticated products featuring high-quality memory chips. Due to the company’s reasonable pricing strategy for its DDR4 modules, a considerable number of agents and dealers actively inquire about these products and add them to their inventories.

The Kingmax lab has conducted a series of tests which indicate that DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM 3200MT/s passes rigorous standards and is fully compatible with the latest Skylake platform, maintaining excellent and stable performance. Consumers who are interested in the Skylake platform should consider combining it with DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM to achieve effortless overclocking. Kingmax delivers excellent results and performance for the latest generation of PC games.

【DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM Spec.】

  • Capacity-4GB*2pcs/4GB*4pcs/8GB*2pcs/8GB*4pcs
  • Data Rate—2666MHz/2800MHz/3000MHz/3200MHz
  • CAS Latency— CL13 – CL16
  • Voltage— 1.2V or 1.35V
  • Compatible to— X99, Z170, H110, H170 and B150
  • Warranty— 5 years