ABTA 2012
ABTA 2012

July 31 – Aug 2,2012 — ABTA 2012 Sao Paulo, Brazil.ABTA Exhibition & Conference is the only event in Brazil that brings together pay-TV and broadband operators, telecom companies, producers and content programmers, technology vendors and internet service providers.

The ABTA conference is the leading strategic debating forum for the pay-TV, broadband and media content market. With world-class speakers, decision makers, international analysts, political leaders, regulators and government officials, the presentations and panel sessions have been indispensable for 20 years to anyone who wants to understand the future of the TV and broadband industry.

Among the topics to be highlighted by the 2012 edition are:

* The new rules for the pay-TV market after Law 12,485/2011
* Prospects for market evolution with new players
* The strategies of telecom companies for the fiber market and emerging networks
* The growing market for pay TV via satellite and hybrid pay TV/broadband platforms
* The expanding offering of HD channels
* New opportunities in domestic production and programming
* The impact of domestic content quotas on foreign programmers
* Connected home technology and convergent platforms
* Growth in TV everywhere and video-on-demand services in Brazil
* The impact of content offerings and over-the-top services on the model
* Mobility and pay TV
* The economic outlook for new investment in the sector
* Combating piracy: strategies and approaches
* New distribution technologies
* Growth in advertising revenue for pay channels
* Market growth forecasts