GPS Fleet management systems is a complete real-time visibility of each and every one of your vehicles for your company. This new system provides you the ability to locate current position of your vehicles, with all the previous tracks, clearly identifies exactly how much time in a day are spent engaging in unprofitable activity.

GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking is best way to Increased productivity of your vehicle, also increases communication between managers and drivers. Many solutions can be accessed through mobile devices or can integrate with popular navigation systems.

The Networkfleet solution can be used in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Transportation – With accurate data vital in the competitive commercial transportation industry, fleet operators can verify the location of vehicles, improve on-time service, and maintain the health of vehicles.
  • Energy and Utilities – With constantly rolling fleets within the energy and utilities industry, fleet managers can improve employee efficiency, cut fuel use, and reduce overall mileage.
  • Government – As state and federal agencies manage large fleets for a variety of services ranging from highway maintenance to passenger transportation, fleet tracking can help analyze fuel use, track vehicle location and improve overall efficiency.
  • Retail and Distribution – Whether a company delivers durable goods, non-durable or perishable goods, operators can make sure goods are delivered on time.
  • Construction – Fleet management gives greater management controls and visibility over jobsites and vehicle operations
  • Insurance — Insurance companies can manage their fleets of claims, field adjustment and catastrophe vehicles efficiently and effectively.
  • Healthcare – From efficiently running ambulance fleets to managing laboratory deliveries to improving home healthcare, fleet management can decrease time-to-care while reducing operational expenses.
  • Media and Entertainment – Media and entertainment companies have a variety of fleets, from mobile news crews to studio production trucks and golf carts that move people and assets to on-site and off-site locations. Fleet management can help keep track of those assets, including vehicle location and performance while decreasing maintenance costs with diagnostics.