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In-Car Entertainment Technology Every Vehicle Will Soon Have

In-Car Entertainment Technology Every Vehicle Will Soon Have

The flying car may not be an affordable reality just yet, but there are plenty of futuristic gadgets and technology in some of the newest and most popular vehicles around already, not least in terms of entertainment. Once FM radios and CD players were big selling features, but are beginning to look distinctly outdated.. If your automobile is still struggling with digital radio don’t worry though, as when you buy a fresh car all this magnificent technology will be present.

In-Car Entertainment TechnologyBluetooth Audio

Already standard in a lot of vehicles, such as the latest Volkswagens available from AA Cars, Bluetooth audio can also be installed with the right kit. It basically allows your phone to work wirelessly through your car’s audio system. This is incredibly handy for anyone who has ever lost the cable that connects the two. It also saves time with no need for syncing songs from one device to the other.

Text-to-Speech Reading

Also using Bluetooth to connect your phone to the car’s audio system, text-to-speech reading uses a digitalized voice to read out any incoming texts (and sometimes emails if internet access is available). By pressing a few buttons on your steering wheel it will read the message aloud. This should stop foolish drivers looking at their phones and riskingpersecution and a hefty fine while driving and allows anyone expecting an important message to hear it as soon as possible.


Where isn’t there Wi-Fi these days? Your car, probably. Named a basic human right by the UN it will soon be available in your car too. Some car manufacturers are currently developing infotainment systems for their vehicles that include a Wi-Fi hotspot. This is not to be used for scrolling through Facebook while driving, of course and is aimed primarily at your passengers.

Such features are useful for entertaining children particularly, while on a long journey. Alternatively it could be accessed when stopping off to catch up on any work while on a business trip.

Keeping you informed

All of these great features are not just for entertainment though. Many cars – especially at the top end of the market – incorporate information systems including satellite navigation, information about traffic conditions ahead, local fuel stations and prices, where to eat, local car parks that have spaces – the list is endless. They’ll keep you informed about the state of the engine and whether it’s due for a service or any faults developing such as a soft tyre that might need attention. Not only will you be entertained while travelling, your car will help you get safely to your destination as well.