420X-PRO Vertical LED Grow Light
420X-PRO Vertical LED Grow Light

July 15, 2012 – Reno, USA  (Techreleased) –  Hydro Grow has created the world’s first and onlyVertical LED Grow Light to use a modular build design with secondary lensing system. The new Penetrator 420X-PRO comes at the end of Hydro Grow’s development of their new X2 LED Grow Light product line, and replaces their previous vertical light the 504W Penetrator.

According to Hydro Grow CEO Cammie Mckenzie, the new 420X-PRO was designed specifically for the Volksgarden vertical hydroponics system manufactured by OmegaGarden; however it can be used in alternate vertical gardening systems. “The neat thing about the 420X-PRO is the power adjustment feature allowing you to set the light to 200W, 400W, or 600W. The 200W setting runs the LEDs at about 0.5W each and is perfect for commercial lettuce growers. The 600W setting on the other hand runs the LEDs near their max recommended setting of 3W, which is perfect for hearty flowering plants such as tomatoes.” stated Mckenzie.

Predecessor to the 420X-PRO, the 504W Penetrator showed incredible results when paired with the Volksgarden vertical growing system, producing ripe cherry tomatoes and full heads of lettuce in only 6 weeks. The light consumed approximately 420W while using 504 x 1W LEDs as the illumination source. “Once we came out with our X-lens in 2011,” stated Mckenzie “LED Grow Lights such as the 504W Penetrator became obsolete as they weren’t able to take advantage of our latest technology. As a result we decided to redesign the 504W Penetrator so it would have all the advantages of our Extreme LED Grow Lights.”

The new Penetrator 420X-PRO uses 420 x 3W LEDs arranged in 5 vertical faces with 84 LEDs each. The unit consumes between 600-630W when used at the max power setting, which is the highest consumption of any Hydro Grow LED Grow Light. The 420X-PRO uses Hydro Grow’s patent pending X2 lens technology which amplifies light from the LEDs as much as 5.7X over standard 90 degree lenses. The light also encompasses Hydro Grow’s patent pending modular manufacturing process, wherein each part is independently serviceable and upgradeable from the rest. This feature is paramount for commercial growers using Volksgarden systems, as it allows the facility to continue using the light after a part has failed which is then replaced on-site when the new part arrives. Upgrades can also save the light owner thousands over their lifetime opposed to purchasing a new light.

“The vertical gardening industry is rather small compared to the horizontal growing done in most greenhouses around the world,” stated Mckenzie, “but despite being a small industry, Hydro Grow likes to ensure we have a product that suits every gardener’s needs in every growing scenario.”

Analysts predict vertical gardening to become more popular in coming decades, as it reduces the amount of space one needs to produce crops while maximizing each photon of light produced within the system. The systems allow warehouse farmers to increase pound per square meter yields over horizontal farming, increasing productivity for inner-city grow operations with limited space for production. Now thanks to the release of the 420X-PRO from Hydro Grow, these systems will become even more efficient as the LED systems consume far less than the previous HID Grow Lights used by farmers.