Uganda's first 5G industrial use case

Huawei, together with MTN Uganda and HIMA Cement Company, has launched Uganda’s first 5G industrial use case, revolutionizing the country’s industrial operations. The launch event was held on April 3 at a HIMA cement plant, where the technology was demonstrated to showcase its remarkable advantages, including super-fast data transmission speed and super-low latency.

The 5G technology offers high bandwidth, low latency, and the ability to connect with a high concentration of devices, enabling real-time data transmission in the production area. With edge computing, the 5G technology will significantly improve the production efficiency of the factory, making it more sustainable and data-driven.

During the launch event, two unique scenarios were demonstrated, including the 5G-enabled EHS training and video monitoring, which is more secure and effective in detecting factory operation faults and accident risks. This innovative use of technology will improve the occupational health, safety, and environment standards of the factory, making it a safer and more secure work environment for employees.

Sylvia Mulinge, CEO of MTN Uganda, sees the launch of HIMA Cement’s 5G commercial project as a significant milestone in Uganda’s 5G deployment. She stated that “Today marks another big milestone in our journey to deploy a technology that will accelerate the realization of Uganda’s economic potential and unlock wealth creation opportunities for its people.” Mulinge added that MTN Uganda is ready to roll out 5G as soon as they get the regulatory tools and approvals to do so.

HIMA Cement’s country CEO Jean-Michel Pons said that with this partnership, they can see what’s possible with 5G technology, which will accelerate their ‘Plants of Tomorrow’ program to find automated and data-driven solutions to make their industrial operations more sustainable.

Gao Fei, CEO of Huawei Uganda, expressed his excitement for the launch of the 5G industrial use case and stated that it is an indication of their long-term relationship with MTN Uganda and trust in their technology solutions. Fei added that together they are unstoppable for a better Uganda.

The launch of Uganda’s first 5G industrial use case is a significant milestone in the country’s technological advancements. The innovative use of 5G technology will improve production efficiency, occupational health, safety, and environmental standards, and make industrial operations more sustainable and data-driven.