Huawei Helps China Mobile Demonstrate World’s First International TDD/FDD VoLTE Call – Nov 27, 2013– Chengdu, China (Techreleased) – Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, assisted China Mobile in a successful demonstration of international HD voice and video calls between China Mobile’s VoLTE trial networks in Chengdu and Hangzhou and South Korea Operator’s VoLTE networks recently.
VoLTE interworking ceremony
VoLTE interworking ceremony

China Mobile’s Vice President Li Zhengmao held a special meeting with South Korea operator’s Executive Vice President, the world’s first international VoLTE call between a TDD LTE network and an FDD LTE network. This demonstration marks another step taken by China Mobile to accelerate VoLTE commercialization and TD-LTE internationalization.

During this meeting, the voice quality was clear and the video streams were smooth. As part of the interaction between three cities in two countries, Li Zhengmao also watched the video call demonstration between China Mobile’s trial network in Hangzhou and South Korea Operator’s network through the Huawei-provided multimedia conference system in Chengdu.

During the video call, Li Zhengmao said, “China Mobile attaches great importance to VoLTE development. In June of this year, China Mobile’s President Li Yue released a VoLTE white paper and made it clear that China Mobile will achieve VoLTE commercialization by the end of 2014. This VoLTE voice and video interaction has great strategic significance and will help further promote support of the VoLTE solution in the global LTE industry.”

China Mobile’s TD-LTE deployment is rapidly gaining momentum in China. However, issues pertaining to global interoperability of TD-LTE services, such as the international roaming capability of LTE voice and data and VoLTE interworking across different countries, must be resolved before TD-LTE services can achieve full internationalization. This successful VoLTE demonstration proves that China Mobile’s TDD VoLTE network has the capability to cross international boundaries and interwork with networks that use different communication systems. China Mobile will continue to accelerate TD-LTE internationalization by partnering with leading players in various fields.

As China Mobile’s strategic partner in the VoLTE solution, Huawei provides a sound end to end (E2E) VoLTE solution to help China Mobile move ahead with firm commitment on the road to VoLTE development. On July 26 of this year, Huawei and China Mobile made joint efforts to conduct the world’s first TD-LTE based eSRVCC handover test. On September 22, China Mobile successfully made the world’s first national VoLTE voice call in a TD-LTE network environment by partnering with Huawei. This time, Huawei managed to quickly complete the project of international VoLTE interaction between China and South Korea.

By November of 2013, Huawei has deployed 172 IMS networks worldwide, including 14 VoLTE networks. Huawei is working closely with global operators to promote 4G voice development to bring higher-quality communication experience to users across the world.