HP Transformation Services
HP Transformation Services

Aug 01, 2012–Palo Alto,USA (Techreleased) – HP Enterprise Services today announced new services designed to help clients enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenue by optimizing the operating efficiency of their contact centers.

The ways organizations can serve and engage customers are evolving due to the rapid adoption of social media. To meet the needs of customers, enterprises need to transform their contact centers into hubs for customer relationship management (CRM) and provide meaningful, insightful data collection.

The new HP Transformation Services – Customer Engagement Management (CEM) are designed to help enterprises deliver great customer experiences across all channels, such as smartphones, social media and email, to enhance competitive advantage. These services aid clients in improving service levels by measuring how easy or difficult the customer rates the transaction experience or how likely the customer will promote the products or services to their peers.

With HP Transformation Services – CEM, HP can assist clients in their efforts to enhance their bottom line by increasing revenue per transaction as calculated by contacts handled, products sold or revenue earned per agent. Additionally, clients can benefit from increasing the percentage of calls where higher-margin “add on” features are offered to, and purchased by, the customer.

“Contact centers must transform to meet the needs of customers who expect a personalized and customized experience,” said Danila Meirlaen, vice president, Business Process Outsourcing, HP. “HP consultants help drive this transformation based on our deep heritage of contact-center operations, industry experience and global presence, assisting clients so they can increase revenues and customer satisfaction.”

To assess the quality and effectiveness of a client’s contact-center operations, HP consultants analyze the current environment against industry benchmarks. After gathering data, HP identifies areas for improvement, such as appropriate use of staff, processes, standards and the overall technology environment.

Based on the findings of the analysis, HP prepares a roadmap with the plan, approach and milestones to implement the business process changes. The roadmap includes initiatives intended to close the gaps between current and future states of the contact center while balancing investment, benefit, timing and risk.

HP also provides mentoring and support services designed to help clients get the most out of their implementation. For example, “How Do We Implement …” workshops that leverage HP’s library of best practices focus on providing solutions that are tailored to meet the client’s resource, time commitment and budget constraints. Using a collaborative effort can help improve the speed and precision of achieving benefits, with the goal of shortening the learning and implementation process.

A transformed contact center enables clients to optimize operating efficiency by increasing agent utilization and increasing the percentage of calls resolved at the first point of contact without transfer or escalation.

Pricing and availability

Part of the HP Customer Relationship Management services, HP Transformation Services – CEM are now available worldwide and priced according to customer engagement.

Additional information is available at www.hp.com/go/transformationservices-cem.

HP’s premier Europe, Middle East and Africa client event, HP Discover, takes place Dec. 4-6 in Frankfurt, Germany.