HP Achieves Record Backup Performance of 100 TB/hour with HP StoreOnce
HP Achieves Record Backup Performance of 100 TB/hour with HP StoreOnce

June 04, 2012 – Los Vegas , USA (Techreleased) –HP today announced new deduplication solutions for the HP StoreOnce Backup family that enable organizations to manage risk as they deal with explosive data growth by protecting more data in less time.

The new solutions are the first to deliver backup performance of up to 100 terabytes (TB) per hour and data recovery of up to 40 TB per hour in a single system,(1) which is up to three times(1) and five times faster,(2) respectively, than the closest competitive offering.

Faced with a tidal wave of data growth and new application workloads, organizations risk serious compliance issues due to extended backup-and-restore windows as well as management costs associated with infrastructure complexity. HP now delivers:

  • Reduced recovery time, capacity needs and bandwidth costs with HP StoreOnce Catalystsoftware, which offers the industry’s highest-performing backup-and-restore throughput when combined with the enhanced HP StoreOnce B6200 Backup. Clients can recover in a single day what would take a full workweek with the competition.(1)
  • Increased productivity with HP Data Protector 7 software, powered by the Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), featuring governance tools that enable contextual backup and recovery of information. For the first time, clients can precisely protect, find and recover information based on the meaning and concepts contained within the data.
  • Improved efficiency of server and storage connectivity with HP Virtual Connect for 3PAR with Flat SAN technology, which directly connects servers and storage in a single-tier storage area network (SAN), eliminating the need for complex, multitier SANs and excess networking equipment.
  • Higher reliability as well as improved network performance, which supports the explosion of data traffic and storage, which is connected to converged infrastructure components with HP Automated Network Management 9.2. This software offering helps IT organizations keep up with fast-changing business demands via a unified network-management solution that is efficient, automated and secure.

Based on HP Converged Infrastructure, these solutions enable organizations to shift resources from managing and integrating traditional, inflexible technology silos to an IT infrastructure that supports process innovation and strategic initiatives.

“Clients are struggling with complex, incompatible storage solutions that are costly, hard to manage, underutilized and built for the past,” said Dave Donatelli, executive vice president and general manager, Enterprise Group, HP. “HP is transforming the storage industry with simplified and converged solutions that span from the midrange to the high end of the enterprise, enabling organizations to maximize the value from their information in the most efficient way possible.”

HP StoreOnce: redefining data deduplication

HP StoreOnce is the industry’s only federated deduplication solution, which means data is deduplicated once using a single technology and then moved anywhere without ever having to be rehydrated—or added back in.(3) HP StoreOnce features a consistent, high-performance deduplication architecture that spans the enterprise, from application servers in remote offices to central data centers, eliminating the inefficiencies and costs of first-generation approaches.

Leveraging technology developed by HP Labs, the company’s central research arm, HP StoreOnce includes more than 50 patent-pending innovations. By combining the HP StoreOnce deduplication engine with a unique scale-out cluster design, HP delivers the industry’s only large-scale deduplication appliance with fully automated high-availability features.(3) The solution also has an “autonomic restart” capability that ensures backup jobs complete even if there is a major hardware failure, reducing risk of data loss.

“To remain competitive, our business protection processes must be reliable, and enable us to operate without impacting daily workflow or revenue-generating opportunities,” said John Olsen, senior vice president and chief information officer, MetroPCS Communications, Inc. “HP’s StoreOnce deduplication solution will give us around-the-clock application access with lightning fast backup and recovery so we can continue to serve our customers even in the face of unexpected disasters.”

New HP StoreOnce Catalyst software for HP StoreOnce Backup systems allows clients to deduplicate data on application servers or backup servers before it is transferred to a centralized HP StoreOnce Backup system. This approach increases flexibility, enabling clients to optimize backup processes, eliminate wasted resources, reduce network bandwidth cost and improve backup throughput.

Clients can use HP Data Protector 7 software, Symantec NetBackup or Symantec Backup Exec to manage deduplication and data movement in their HP StoreOnce Catalyst environment. Independent software vendors (ISVs) can achieve this same level of control with the HP StoreOnce Catalyst open software development kit.

Additional innovations for transforming the storage industry

Traditional data-protection and storage-networking approaches are complex, incompatible and ill-equipped to handle the new requirements associated with the growth of unstructured data, mobility and cloud-based applications.

Powered by Autonomy IDOL, the new HP Data Protector 7 software provides the industry’s only meaning-based information protection solution.(1) HP Data Protector 7 software automatically understands concepts in data, which dramatically changes the scope and benefits of data protection. Now users can retrieve all information relevant to a particular idea or topic, regardless of keywords or other search parameters. The industry’s first universal information-protection software solution for the enterprise, HP Data Protector 7 software combines cloud-based backup to the world’s largest private cloud with on-premise physical and virtual information protection.(1)

The industry’s first Flat SAN architecture increases server and storage convergence

Legacy, multitier Fibre Channel network architectures require a complex web of network cards, interconnects, cables and switches to keep pace with changing network traffic patterns. This creates performance bottlenecks and adds complexity. By eliminating the need for dedicated host-bus adapters, switches and associated cables to connect servers and storage, the new HP Virtual Connect for 3PAR with Flat SAN technology can reduce storage networking costs by 50 percent and enables 2.5 times faster provisioning compared to competitive offerings.(1) HP’s new Flat SAN architecture is capable of connecting up to 768 blade servers to a single 3PAR array without a dedicated SAN.

HP Virtual Connect for 3PAR with Flat SAN technology also reduces storage protocol layers, cutting latency by 55 percent and speeding operations such as virtual machine I/O and consolidation density.

HP Virtual Connect for 3PAR with Flat SAN technology is ideal for virtual and cloud environments.