We spend most of the time in front of the screen, playing games, watching movies, or passively just scrolling through social media. In this day, age and era, it has become a norm.

It is usual for people to spend work hours on the screen. Still, it becomes very unhealthy when it gets excessive and can lead to headaches, eye strain, and sometimes aches in the body due to bad posture while watching movies or video gaming.

But don’t worry, we have just the things for you to do to help you reduce screen time and be more productive; read on to learn more.

Avoid screens while eating

It may be tempting to eat while catching up on the latest news headlines or your favourite show, but it’s better not to do that. Not only would it relax your eyes, but also you would learn more about your eating habits. Eating mindfully can also make you maintain your weight if you wish to do so.

Cut down on non-work screentime

It is typical to want to stay ahead of your game when it comes to working—but constantly checking your work email even when you don’t need to just adds up to your screen time. In case you are expecting a mail, don’t check it. If you need to check, just check at assigned hours, and give yourself a limited time to do so.

Use the couch

When watching your favourite show or turning on the tv, choose your couch instead of your bed. It is likely that on your ground, you would get comfy and just watch the show for a longer time; on your couch, you would have the sense of responsibility to just watch for less time and then move on to other errands.

Socialize in person

Socializing may be easier to be done on the phone, but it’s better that you instead just give someone a call everyone once in a while if you talk to someone regularly, pick calls, or meet them in person. It takes the same time, but in-person meetups are often more meaningful, and you can learn more about them.

Remove the charger from the bedside

When you charge your phone next to your bed, you always want to use it, and you even use it while it’s connected to the charger; it gives you an unlimited supply of screen time along with the comfort of your bed. You use it when you wake up and just before you go to sleep, making matters worse.

It is better to just charge your phone outside of your room where you would think before using it.

Wrap it up

Self-control is key. Be mindful of your screen time; inform yourself of the potential risks you’re putting yourself through. You’re giving yourself headaches, exposing yourself up an unhealthy amount of medications to reduce complications while you could only make small changes to make things better.