SD cards play a big part in ourl lives. They may be discovered in our smartphones, our cameras, our tablets… They contain quite a few our information and recollections! but occasionally, these precious contents grow to be inaccessible or can no longer be located. In those times, it is necessary to use data recovery software as a way to get them again.

EaseUs Data Recovery Software tool that can help you recover lost or deleted data from SD cards. This easy to use software lets you recover lost data in easy steps.

Step # 1 – Launch the recovery software and connect your card

Before beginning the recovery, just ensure you free up space to accommodate the files. within the good case, the space must match the most ability of your card. Launch the EaseUs data recovery software and connect your card. Among the picks (hard disk, optical disk, multimedia devices …), pick out the tool that worries you, namely the one unique for removable disks.

Step # 2 – Select the SD card where you want to recover files, and click “File Recovery” button.

Step # 3 – Select recovery mode. The file recovery window pops up, and you can select a recovery mode here. You have two options here, and the “Complete Recovery” should be selected in this case. Just click “Start” button and EaseUs Data Recovery Software starts scanning the SD card.

Step # 4 – Scanning process may take a while, but you can stop scanning in advance if all files you want to recover have been found by EaseUs Data Recovery Software.

Step # 5 – Preview files. You can double-click to preview file content so that you can check if files are correct or damaged.

Step # 6 – Recover data from SD card. Select files and folders you need and right-click them to select “Copy to”. Then you can save these files to a safe location.