You have probably heard stories over the years of people being gouged when they go in for an automatic transmission repair at a local shop. While transmission problems can be costly, there is no reason for this type of repair to put you in dire straits financially, especially if the transmission merely needs to be repairs, rather than rebuilt or replaced. Before agreeing to what a repair shop tells you, it is important that you consider all of your options and choose your mechanic wisely.

Automatic Transmission Repair

Get a Second Opinion

One of the major scams in the transmission business involves a mechanic telling you that you need a brand new automatic transmission when the problem is much simpler. In these cases, the shop will try to talk you into purchasing a brand new unit when only a small part is needed to fix it. Sometimes, the only thing that needs to be replaced is a small sensor. It should be noted, however, that some mechanic shops do not have the technology needed to tell when something is wrong with this sensor, since they are a relatively new piece of technology. In any case, if you are told that you need a new transmission, get a second opinion before spending the money.

Visit the Mechanic

Automatic transmission problems can rarely be figured out over the phone, so it is very difficult to compare prices without visiting the actual mechanics. When a mechanic gives you an estimate over the phone, it is rarely a fully informed quote, since there is no way that he knows what the exact problem is. If you do receive quote over the phone, see if you can get it in writing to ensure that your costs do not escalate once you visit the location. The majority of the time, the mechanic will have to take the car for a test drive before figuring out what is truly wrong with it, so keep that in mind when comparing shops.

Size of the Shop

Some people falsely believe that larger mechanic shops provide the best value. This is not the case, however, especially when dealing with transmission problems. The truth is that dedicated transmission specialists will know more about the transmissions in newer vehicles than larger shops that repair all types of car problems. These specialists are also more likely to have the equipment needed to figure out if a sensor is blown or if something more serious has gone wrong with your vehicle.

Warranty on Their Work

Always ask if the work that you have done on your transmission comes with a warranty. The last thing that you want is to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a transmission repair only to have the same problem arise in the near future. Reputable shops will provide you with a good warranty that protects you against these unforeseen issues. In the end, the piece of mind that you receive when dealing with a reputable transmission specialist is worth making the trip to one of these certified locations.

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