Plant maintenance software can be used to facilitate both preventative and predictive maintenance. This type of software can quickly pay for itself when equipment and facilities are constantly monitored and maintained.


First, plant maintenance software allows maintenance teams to input routine maintenance tasks and associate them with manufacturing equipment, forklifts and vehicles, and facilities. These tasks can be scheduled using meter readings (i.e., every 1,000 hours) or time periods (i.e., every three weeks). While preventative maintenance is an important component of plant maintenance software, it’s not the only approach (Source: eMaint EU plant maintenance management).

Predictive maintenance is a discipline focused on providing the right maintenance at the right time based on actual indicators that suggest action must be taken. Predictive maintenance is considered more cost-efficient than routine preventive maintenance because work is only performed when deemed necessary.

Plant maintenance software that supports predictive maintenance is also available. Using this software, maintenance managers can monitor in-service equipment for signs of operational health and distress. For example, if the equipment is running smoothly with no signs of distress, the manager may delay servicing it despite the preventative schedule. On the other hand, if the manager hears unusual grinding sounds or notices frayed belts, he or she may initiate a service call based on these findings – even if the equipment is not due for service.

Both preventative and predictive maintenance approaches are used to extend the life of a plant’s assets. These approaches can prevent major breakdowns, minimize downtime, reduce costs, maximize equipment availability, and ensure smooth plant performance.

In order to get the most benefit from preventative and predictive maintenance, use plant maintenance software that supports both approaches. With the right solution in place, your team can perform the right maintenance work at the right time as well as minimize disruption within the plant environment.


Martin Beckett is an expert in the manufacturing industry with years of experience using a range of maintenance software program. He works part-time as a business consultation and he highly recommends eMaint EU preventative maintenance software.