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How Much Technology Is Really Inside Family Cars?

How Much Technology Is Really Inside Family Cars?

With our media feeds being inundated with news and reviews of the latest must have mobile phones, tablets, televisions and home cinema stereos; it can sometimes feel like it has taken over our homes. What you may not realise however is the extent to which technology has revolutionized our cars. Although you may expect all of the latest mod cons in flash sports cars and luxury vehicles, you are likely to be surprised to note the amount of technology that your average family car contains. Indeed, as is clear from the following list, the days of the family car containing wind down windows and cassette tape decks are bygone days.

Technology Is Really Inside Family Cars

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the technological features that are included in today’s cars: –

Mobile Phone Systems

Mobile phone systems in cars are built in devices that allow you to safely use your phone whilst driving. They do this by connecting your mobile phone to the system via Bluetooth and then, when you receive a phone call, projecting it over the cars speaker to allow you to speak to your caller on hands free. They even allow you be able to make hands free calls by the press of a button on your steering wheel. If you arrive at your destination without having finished your call then it enables you to simply transfer the ongoing call from the car back to your phone.

Rain Sensitive Windscreen Wipers

Rain sensitive windscreen wipers are wipers which are controlled by an LED sensor that is fitted behind the cars internal mirror. This detects how heavy the rain is falling and then regulates the speed of your windscreen wipers accordingly. You may even set the sensitivity of the wipers according to your preference, so that you can programme them to start at the first few spots of rain or wait until there is a slightly heavier downpour. As if this was not clever enough when the sensor is on and you shift the gear into reverse, the wipers on your rear window automatically come on.

Parking Distance Sensors

Parking distance sensors are parking aids that detect obstacles behind or in front of your car whilst you are parking and warn the driver about them.  They do this by letting off a warning tone whenever they detect an obstacle within a certain distance. The closer your car gets to that obstacle the shriller the warning tone becomes. This has huge benefits and can protect your vehicle, which is important whether you have a new vehicle or a used car purchased through a reputable site such as Exchange and Mart.