Honda Begins Sales of CRIDER, developed in China for Chinese market – Jun 26, 2013– Guangzhou, China  (Techreleased) – Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., Honda’s automobile production and sales joint venture in China, today began sales of the CRIDER, Honda’s first model developed in China for Chinese market.

CRIDER exterior

A new middle-class sedan, the CRIDER was developed primarily by Honda’s Chinese associates exclusively for customers in China, with a focus on those who were born in 1980s, known for the energetic pursuit of their dreams. The CRIDER features a dynamic exterior design inspired by an image of a dragon, outstanding driving performance that realizes both power and fuel efficiency, spacious and comfortable cabin space, plentiful equipment such as a display audio system*1, and excellent safety and environmental performance.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices start from 114,800 R.M.B. (approximately 1.84 million yen*2), making the vehicle more affordable to customers in China.

CRIDER interior
CRIDER interior

Honda will continue enhancing its product lineup in China to please more customers with its products.

This audio system is able to display information for comfortable driving, including a navigation map obtained in coordination with a smartphone – as standard equipment on the mid-to-high grade vehicles.
Calculated based on the exchange rate of 1R.M.B. = 16.04 yen

•Key features of CRIDER

  • Dimensions: length: 4,650 mm; width: 1,750 mm; height: 1,505 mm; wheelbase: 2,650 mm
  • Engine: 1.8L i-VTEC
  • Excellent fuel economy: 6.7L/100km for 5-speed automatic transmission type, 6.5L/100km for 5-speed manual transmission type (comprehensive fuel economy mode in China)