Healthcare Publisher Lifescript Selects HP 3PAR Storage To Expand Offerings, Enhance Customer Service
Healthcare Publisher Lifescript Selects HP 3PAR Storage To Expand Offerings, Enhance Customer Service

June 27, 2012 – Palo Alto, USA  (Techreleased) – HP today announced that Lifescript, a publisher dedicated to educating women about family health issues, has selected HP 3PAR Storage, a core component of the HP Converged Infrastructure strategy, to support increased storage capacity demands and analytic-based decision making to improve the customer experience.

Lifescript reaches more than 10 million people monthly through its website and various e-newsletters. A recent tenfold increase in online traffic and the installation of a new business intelligence (BI) platform forced Lifescript to upgrade its data center. Plus, delays accessing site content, using critical workflow applications and completing key analytics reports were negatively impacting Lifescript’s revenue.

Upgrading its data center from EMC hardware to HP 3PAR S400 Storage, and more recently to HP 3PAR P10000 Storage, has enabled Lifescript to improve throughput by eight times,(1) increasing support for high data-traffic volumes. In addition to reducing latency to 20 milliseconds for website visitors, the uninterrupted availability of Microsoft® Exchange Server and other critical applications has improved staff productivity while reducing IT administration costs. Analytic reports now are delivered on time as a result of a 69 percent performance increase in jobs running on the company’s BI servers.(1)

“Lifescript required a storage solution capable of scaling to accommodate our rapidly growing customer base while delivering the performance power to maximize revenue potential using BI and other data-intensive applications,” said Jack Hogan, founder and chief technology officer, Lifescript. “HP 3PAR Storage meets Lifescript’s long-term capacity needs and allows us to rapidly deploy new services critical to remaining nimble as we grow.”

HP 3PAR Storage also is improving Lifescript’s customer service and revenue streams. Now the company is seamlessly processing 5 billion transactions per month generated via its new BI-intensive Lifescript Advantage platform, which drives readers to appropriate advertisers.

Lifescript also implemented HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization Software, an automatic storage-tiering solution that enhances infrastructure agility and increases utilization by distributing data to the right storage tier at the right time. In addition to minimizing Lifescript’s need to purchase future storage capacity, the software reduces data-center management costs by automating the previously labor-intensive task of manually administering data across storage tiers to maximize system performance.

Switching to HP 3PAR Storage has also enabled Lifescript to(1):

  • Increase business efficiency with a 95 percent latency reduction in critical internal systems, enabling Lifescript to quickly process analytics and access applications needed to make real-time decisions for business growth.
  • Ensure continuity of service with 100 percent uptime, allowing Lifescript to provide consistent customer service and data collection.
  • Reduce overall storage costs by more than 50 percent using HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization Software, which automatically moves infrequently used data from expensive Fibre Channel and flash drives to affordable SATA drives.

“Under pressure to grow business at a time when their customers’ purse strings remain tight, companies simply can’t afford data bottleneck-related business disruptions that hinder revenue generation,” said Chris Riley, vice president, Americas, Storage, HP. “With around-the-clock application availability and decreased website latency, Lifescript now has the power to make strategic real-time business decisions along with the agility to offer new services to organically grow its customer base.”

HP’s premier client event, HP Discover, takes place Dec. 4-6, 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany.