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Have You Simplified Payment Processing

Have You Simplified Payment Processing
Payment Processing

Whether you are starting a business or already have one up and running successfully, it is of the upmost importance to make sure you have a good way to process your payments. Just like making sure your business looks professional and runs at a professional rate, your payment processing is a crucial part of it all as well. According to Boot Strappist, unless you’re selling apps at the app store, you will have to get a reliable payment processor associated to your business. Much like wanting to gain repeat business, you also have to gain people’s trust and having a trustworthy payment processor is an excellent way to do so. However, with things like mobile credit card readers, you can plug the card reader right into your iPad head phone jack and start accepting payments safely and securely right away no matter where you are. With easy to use products such as Shopify’s card reader, the worry of safe and secure payment processing can end. Having the trust of your customers is of the upmost importance when it comes to them handing over their debit or credit card numbers.

Is My Payment Safe With You

People who are overly concerned about their personal security often have additional concerns like whether their identity and other information are safe. This is a very logical, but sometimes overriding factor. According to Crime Museum, an estimated 9 million Americans a year have their identities stolen. With the kind of chaos this crime can cause in a person’s life, it is understandable why so many are reluctant to give over their personal information of any kind. It only takes one mishap to turn your financial life upside down. Everything from good credit to available credit will be hurt. If things like this were able to be restored in a logical amount of time then people wouldn’t stress such things as much. The problem with these kinds of problems is that they can lead to such ruins that people who have never had a credit issue wind up in bankruptcy. Most credit issues take years to either clean up or to fall off of your credit report, it seems an unfair system but it is how it works. So having one of the most secure payment processor you can find should be one of the top things to tackle in your business plan. Making sure your customers know how secure your payment processing is, should be another important staple in your business plan.

How Presentable is Your Business

When you think of your business’s image, step out of the business owner’s mind set and try to look at it from a customer’s point of view. Ask yourself if you would feel good about shopping there, does it look professional. If you have a website, look at it from an outside point of view as well. People, especially shoppers worry about how trust worthy things look. They tend to follow instincts and when things look botched or quickly thrown together they will usually shy away. Consider putting out questionnaires to ask people’s opinions of how your business looks to them. According to Business Week when you have your customers trust, you can ultimately charge more than your competitors and even take longer on shipping their products than all the other retailers and the customer will still come to you all because they trust you. Another way of earning a customer’s trust is through testimonials. Any customer’s positive feedback can be used as a bonus to earn your business extra brownie points. Think about all those diet pills out there. Ever wonder how these companies stay in business with so much competition out there? It seems like an industry that’s been overdone for decades now. However, all these late night claim to fame, “waist line whittlers” have one big significant thing in common, they all come with testimonials. Everything from before and after pictures, to sometimes famous indorsements is flashed in front of you. You do not have to get some big movie star to endorse your business or your products, just regular old shoppers will do fine, and in some cases that can make a potential buyer trust your business more. When you see a famous face endorsing a product or service, is your first thought, “Wow, look who uses that product, it must be a good product” or do you wonder how much that movie star got paid to say that. So in a sense, your regular old run of the mill customer can be more effective than the most popular movie star. Gaining your customers trust coupled with a great payment processor is by far some of the most important things you can do to insure the success of your business, as well as making sure it grows and takes a good reputation along with it.