Bosch GIM 60 L Professional Digital Inclinometer
Bosch GIM 60 L Professional Digital Inclinometer

Dec 03, 2012– Stuttgart, Germany  (Techreleased) – With the GIM 60 L Professional, Bosch is expanding its range of digital inclinometers to include an instrument with integrated point laser. This now enables you to transfer inclines up to a distance of 30 meters quickly and easily. The instrument is based on the tried-and-tested DNM 60 L Professional, but it offers professionals even greater comfort and flexibility due to the new possibilities for positioning and fixing it, and due to its enhanced functions such as the “alternative zero point”.

Different positioning and fixing possibilities:
The 60-centimeter-long aluminum profile with digital display and integrated bubble vials can also be precisely aligned on uneven surfaces using its two feet. Press the integrated leveling foot downwards and the GIM 60 L Professional can be adjusted exactly to zero degrees using a set screw. Three strong magnets on the bottom of the instrument also enable you to fix the inclinometer quickly and easily to metallic building components. Another fastening method is to use the two straps supplied with the instrument to securely fix the GIM 60 L Professional to other objects, such as plastic pipes up to 125 millimeter diameter. This makes the inclinometer flexible to use, and the professional has both hands free to work with.

Proven and enhanced functions:
This instrument is used wherever inclines or angles have to be measured, transfered or adhered to with a high level of accuracy – for example when building roof trusses and stair-rails, aligning kitchen and sanitary objects, and laying air ducts and pipes. For this reason, the GIM 60 L Professional also has tried-and-tested functions such as the “Hold/Copy” function. “Hold” can be used to hold the measuring results on the display at the press of a button and then to conveniently read them in your own time. “Copy” can be used to copy measured inclines and easily transfer them to other objects, for example to align all rafters at the same angle. A new feature is the ability to manually fine-adjust these values. For example, if the measured incline is 37.2 degrees, it can be set to 37 degrees at the press of a button. In addition to this, measured values can be easily mirrored around their own axis thanks to the “Mirror Slope” function. This can be used to transfer the same angle onto both sides of the roof.

Another new feature is the ability to select an alternative zero point using the “Alt 0°” function. This can be used to quickly and easily detect deviations from the desired result. If, for example, a roof has to have an incline of 45 degrees, you set the alternative zero point to 45 degrees in the GIM 60 L Professional. If the actual incline is only 43.8 degrees, you will see the deviation of 1.2 degrees directly on the display. Another advantage is the switchable audio signal. It automatically sounds at zero and 90 degrees, and it can also be activated in the “Hold/Copy” mode or in the “Alt 0°” mode. This enables trades people to precisely align building components even when they cannot see the display.

The GIM 60 L Professional inclinometer will be available at specialist retail outlets from January 2013 onwards for a price of 199 euros plus VAT. It comes complete with a protective case, two straps and batteries.