Oct 19, 2012– Taipei,Taiwan  (Techreleased) –GIGABYTE today announced the 24-inch AB24BT, the most powerful All-in-One PC with a Full HD Display. Configure the All-in-One PC the way you want it whether it is the CPU, HDD, Memory or VGA Card; build the ultimate 24-inch powerful machine unlike any other. The AB24BT comes with a 3.5″ HDD, and especially features a hot-swap 2.5″ HDD encased into the body to allow smooth operation of the system without any interruption.

 DIY Powerful Desktop Graphics Card & Expand the Storage via hot-swap 2.5″ HDD

The Sky’s the limit with this AIO. There is a multitude of CPUs (supports up to 95W) and desktop graphics card (supports up to 550W) you could choose from. This allows you to perfect your own exceptional performance for multitasking and spoils you with bursts of speed and amazing graphics. Based on your personal needs you can experience life-like, crisp images and superior performance or go for a less extreme user experience. In addition to a 3.5-inch HDD, the hot-swap 2.5-inch HDD, not only makes for a smoother operation but also allows you to have over 1TB storage to save all your important files, media and other data with ease.

Well-rounded Connectivity makes for a Convenient Digital Life

AB24BT comes with HDMI, USB3.0 and S/PDIF interface. That means transferring files are blazingly quick, multimedia output is visually stunning, and even playing games feels like the next best thing on this AIO depending on your configuration. The S/PDIF interface is designed to transfer digital audio signals with low distortion to dual-channel speakers, which deliver a rich and powerful audio experience.

With many excellent features, high performance, and space-saving design, the AB24BT delivers a powerful All-in-One PC experience that is fantastic for you. Whether at home in the living room or the kitchen, or at the office on your desk: this AIO is sure to be a hit with family members and colleagues-alike.