With capabilities such as online browsing, streaming films, playing video games, shopping online and chatting to friends it’s no surprise that the once humble television is now our primary home entertainment system. With so much time spent in front of the TV it makes sense to invest in some furniture and equipment that will enhance the viewing experience.

Lounge Setup

There’s plenty of ways to update your living room’s entertainment area whether by adding a new slim line corner TV unit or a full-on wireless enabled gaming chair.

The space-saving option

A TV unit is the best way to display that smart TV and corner units are an essential space-saving piece of furniture for those with smaller living room areas. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these items either; simple but stylish steel and glass units are the inexpensive option compared to solid wood versions. Go for a model with plenty of shelving space for storing a DVD player, gaming consoles and extra speakers. This piece of furniture is essential to keep the living room clutter-free and makes a great focal point.

Ramp up the gaming experience

Comfort is essential if you’re planning a marathon gaming session and this is where hi-tech gaming chairs come into play. These chairs are stand-alone units with features such as built-in radio wireless receivers for that interactive audio experience allowing you to hear and feel the music. You don’t need to worry about becoming uncomfortable during extended gaming sessions as some models are ergonomically designed and have tilt and swivel features. These chairs are also excellent for simply watching television and films as well as listening to music with a surround sound experience.

Corner TV UnitInvest in some external speakers

If you want to obtain the best audio when gaming, listening to music or for that full home theatre atmosphere then a good speaker system is an essential piece of equipment. The good news is that high quality systems have both decreased in price and in size. A stand-alone 5.1 channel speaker set that includes a couple of satellite speakers, centre speakers and a high power subwoofer is an excellent package that won’t break the bank. These speakers are also compact in size (some speakers are 2.5”) meaning a full surround sound but with less clutter throughout the living room area.

A comfortable chair, some high-quality speakers and a streamlined entertainment centre are all it takes provide a pleasurable viewing or gaming experience. You don’t need to invest a huge amount of cash in these items and some great deals on these products can be found through online retailers.