Genius, SP-U115 USB Powered Speakers
Genius, SP-U115 USB Powered Speakers

Dec 20, 2012– Newyork, USA  (Techreleased) – Genius today is pleased to announce the SP-U115, a pair of USB powered speakers in stylish color options. These affordable and compact USB speakers can be connected to your desktop or laptop in a matter of seconds, giving you the volume boost needed when listening to music or watching movies.

The two glossy SP-U115 satellite speakers with 2-inch driver units ensure an audible volume level for home entertainment use, which built-in laptop speakers often fail to provide.

Everybody can find their favorite from the four classy and vibrant front color schemes available – shiny black, sapphire blue, ruby red and grass white. The different colors of the SP-U115 give a nice touch to most environments, ranging from the home office to the bedroom.

The SP-U115 speakers only need to be connected to your computer: no extra wires are needed. The speakers can be directly connected through a USB cable and a 3.5mm jack. When needed, these two short wires can be easily hidden behind your system.

The volume control on the side of one of the SP-U115 speakers is a simple way to adjust the sound output. This saves you from the trouble of adjusting the volume levels in your operating system.

The SP-U115 USB stereo speakers are now available in the US and Canada in four front color options for the suggested retail price of $14.99.

Technical Specifications:
● Total output power: 1.5 watts (RMS)
● Driver Unit
Satellite: 2-inch, 8ohm
● Signal-to-noise ratio: 80 dB
● Power Source: USB Powered

Package Contents
● Two speakers
● Multi-language user’s manual