General Dynamics’ New SD8010 Smart Display for Rugged Vehicles Provides Increased Capability in Less Space
General Dynamics’ New SD8010 Smart Display for Rugged Vehicles Provides Increased Capability in Less Space

May 29, 2012 –Ottawa , USA (Techreleased) – General Dynamics Canada’s new SD8010 Smart Display is a flexible and rugged platform that can run classified and unclassified information on a single display, eliminating the need for multiple control and display units within space-constrained ground combat vehicles.

“Military vehicles typically require separate computing assets for classified and unclassified information systems, creating a drain on both space and power,” explains David Ibbetson, general manager, General Dynamics Canada. “Our new Smart Displays provide our customers with a solution for information access across different security domains simultaneously, without compromising security, reliability or data and eliminating the need for separate information systems.”

The SD8010Smart Display features Multiple Independent Levels of Security/Safety (MILS), a high-assurance security architecture for controlled information. Using the General Dynamics-developed Trusted Embedded Environment (TEE), the SD8010 can interface and process information at multiple security levels. TEE is designed specifically for tactical environments and is to be deployed on a number of General Dynamics’ high-assurance products designed for military and homeland security application.

The SD8010 Smart Display is naturally convection-cooled to meet rigorous military standards. Additional key features include touch screen, multiple video and audio input channels, streaming and snapshot video capture, multiple vehicle-bus interfaces, wireless communications, VoIP capabilities, embedded Ground-Based GPS Receiver Application Module (GB-GRAM), multiple I/O ports and a solid-state hard drive. Developed for ground combat vehicles in harsh military environments, these enhanced product features provide a flexible platform that adapts to the changing dynamics of missions while supporting interoperability and future technology enhancements.

General Dynamics’ family of rugged Smart Displays are onboard a variety U.S. Army ground combat vehicle platforms including the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP), Stryker and Bradley vehicles. With a significant savings in weight, space and power over conventional architectures, General Dynamics’ smart displays provide increased affordability and easy integration into vehicle C4I sub-systems.