GE 6FA Heavy Duty Gas Turbine
GE 6FA Heavy Duty Gas Turbine

Nov 13, 2012– Hangzhou, China  (Techreleased) – GE has signed a contractual service agreement (CSA) with Amber Energy Limited, a major clean energy provider in China’s Zhejiang Province. The agreement will enable reliable, efficient operation of three GE Frame 6FA gas turbines at two sites over a period of 20 years or more.

Amber Energy’s plants are located at Anji and Quzhou and will add a total of 354 megawatts to help meet China’s soaring power demands. The three units are among eight GE 6FA gas turbines installed in the country.

“GE has tailored a services solution specifically for our plants,” said Mr. Chai Wei, CEO of Amber Energy. “This agreement will help us reduce labor costs and minimize our operational risks, which are the keys to our long-term profitability and success.”

GE CSAs are structured to provide predictable maintenance costs while ensuring high availability and a steady flow of revenue from plant operations. This agreement will better position the plant to benefit from long-term high performance and GE’s latest technology and global experience. To date, GE has long-term agreements in place at more than 700 sites worldwide.

“The local resources and expertise that GE has available to support Amber Energy’s ongoing operational and maintenance needs will help the site manage its productivity and lower its long-term operational costs,” said Ms. Yang Dan, Asia general manager of GE’s Power Generation Services business. “We are confident that this agreement with Amber Energy will serve as a model for future agreements covering our installed 6FA gas turbine fleet in China.”

The GE 6FA gas turbine is a mid-sized version of GE’s widely used 7FA and 9FA gas turbines. The 6FA combines efficient and reliable operation with low emissions compared to older technologies, which will help to reduce the environmental impact of producing power in China.

Amber Energy expects the Anji and Quzhou combined-cycle power plants to enter commercial operation in December 2012, using natural gas supplied by China’s West-to-East Pipeline.

Amber Energy is a leading clean energy provider in Zhejiang Province. The group entered the natural gas-fired power generation industry in 2004 and is one of the pioneers in this sector in mainland China. Through steady growth over the past few years, the group’s power industry investments have reached a significant scale in the economically vibrant Zhejiang Province.