GE Introduces Its New ERCW003A6R 100-watt Industry High-efficiency Converter – Jan 28, 2015– Dallas, USA (Techreleased) – GE’s Critical Power business today introduced its new ERCW003A6R 100-watt, one-eighth brick DC-DC converters, the latest addition to its OrcaTM-series family of isolated, board-mounted power amplifier modules. The new high-efficiency converters provide high-voltage and high-power applications with up to 3.6 amperes DC output current at a nominal output voltage of 28 volts DC.


The ERCW003A6R modules incorporate the latest in technology and component and process standardization, enabling GE to offer customers a cost-effective DC-DC converter with one of the highest efficiency ratings available in the industry today. The new modules have a typical efficiency of 93 percent at full load and a nominal output voltage of 28 volts. The output range of the DC-DC converters can be trimmed from 15 volts to 35.2 volts, enabling the unit to be incorporated into a broad range of applications. In addition, with a maximum output ripple of 40 millivolts root mean square, GE’s ERCW003A6R helps reduce the need for external filtering capacitors and overall system cost.

The ECRW003A6R’s open-frame construction and heat-plated design offer through-hole packaging that enables designers to develop cost, space and energy-efficient end solutions. Its threaded through holes allow for easy mounting or for a heat sink to be added for high-temperature applications. The output is fully isolated from the input, enabling versatile polarity configurations and grounding connections.

“Designing board-level power architectures requires many key factors to be taken into consideration, all of which can greatly impact the cost, efficiency and functionality of internal circuits,” said Karim Wassef, general manager—embedded power products, GE’s Critical Power business. “Our new DC-DC converters provide the high-efficiency ratings our customers expect in a reduced, one-eighth brick footprint, equipping them with a versatile solution capable of meeting their voltage conversion needs.”

Key Features and Benefits of the GE’s ERCW003A6R DC-DC Converter:

  • DOSA (Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance)-compliant, space-efficient, one-eighth brick footprint.
  • Wide input voltage (Vin) range of 36-75 Vin.
  • Up to 3.6 amperes DC output current at a nominal output voltage of 28 volts DC.
  • Supports repetitive loads (AC+DC) up to 2 kilohertz.
  • Provides 2,250-volt DC input to output isolation.

Availability and Pricing:

GE’s ERCW003A6R ORCA-series DC-DC converters are now available in volume quantities. Pricing begins at $24.70 per module at an annual volume of 1,000 units. For more information, please call +1 888 546 3243.