Gangs Announced For iPhone, iPad, Android & PC
Gangs Announced For iPhone, iPad, Android & PC

Sept 12 2012–Northamptonshire , UK (Techreleased) –Gangs announced for iPhone, iPad, Android & PC.Go Games, the brand new digital publishing label from OG International Ltd., are pleased to announce our upcoming digital game Gangs, available for iPhone, iPad, Android and PC.

Gangs will be a full console experience brought to your mobile, tablet device or PC, bringing an exciting, adrenaline filled game that you can take with you wherever you go.

Following an economic collapse, your city has been reduced to a gang-ridden rat-race for survival, where territory and power are the only currency and justice is a distant memory.

Assemble a dynamic band of freedom fighters and liberate your city from the threat of civil war. Recruit new gang members, hire powerful mercenaries and execute unique abilities to show your enemies the definition of anarchy.

As the sun sets on civilized society, revolution is on the horizon.

“ The quality bar for mobile games is rising all the time, and our strategy for our pillar titles, is to develop rich, 3D, immersive games that are free to experience and the consumer can engage with and be passionate about. Whilst the 2D market still has its place, mobile gaming is moving more towards higher quality titles that are free to play and that is where our core strategy lies” said Jim Scott CEO of Go Games.

“ Gangs is a very ambitious product for us, which we hope will really stand out in a crowded marketplace. Gangs will launch initially on mobile, tablet devices & PC, and will potentially be developed for further digital platforms

In development for iPad, iPhone, android and PC, Gangs will be a gaming experience like no other for your mobile or tablet device.