Internet is progressing telephone calling systems both in offices and in the home. Hosted PBX is better, simpler, reliable and competitive solution that utilizes cloud-based technology to offer easy-to-use phone services with enterprise quality voice communications for small to medium sized businesses without requiring a traditional business phone systems .

Hosted PBX

Affordable alternative, a hosted PBX system does not require users to purchase and maintain equipment. Along with free internal calls, a Hosted PBX Frees up Time and Resources to Focus on your Business. Hosted PBX delivers powerful calling and business-grade features features that connect employees, groups and entire organizations with adding more users or locations at any time . Cloud PBX enables you to reduce costs, improve productivity and streamline communications without the costs of managing and maintaining a traditional PBX.

Hosted PBX Benefits

  • Maintenance-free
  • Powerful voice quality
  • No Software or Hardware to Purchase
  • Quick setup
  • Disaster recovery

Hosted PBX Features

  • Auto-Attendant. An Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) that automatically answered and greeted with customized menu options or transferred to the correct extension.
  • Call Transfer. Allows you to transfer incoming calls from your phone to another phone number or extension.
  • Call Waiting. Notification of an incoming call when you’re already engaged in an active call.
  • Multiple Offices. A Hosted PBX extension can be anywhere in the world. Providing there is an internet connection, all calls between extensions are free of charge.