Fujitsu Unveils ARROWS Tab FJT21 Tablet In Japan – Nov 28, 2013– Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Fujitsu Mobile Communications Limited and Fujitsu Limited today announced that its new ARROWS Tab FJT21 tablet, manufactured by Fujitsu Mobile Communications, will be available in Japan beginning November 29, 2013 from KDDI Corporation and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company.


The lightweight, slim design of the ARROWS Tab FJT21 makes it easy to carry. It features a high-capacity 9,600-mAh battery as well as finely designed energy saving functions powered by the Fujitsu Human Centric Engine, resulting in long-lasting battery life. This means that users can fully enjoy a host of content, whether at home or on the go.

With a 10.1-inch high-resolution WQXGA (2560 × 1600) display, among the top of its class of tablet PCs, users can enjoy photographs or videos in amazing quality. Moreover, with support for Full-Seg(1) HD broadcasts that can be scheduled for recording, users can enjoy watching TV on-the-go with the same quality as high-resolution, digital terrestrial TV viewed at home. It also features a ‘style switcher’, enabling a single tablet to be used with different preferences by different family members. If each user’s fingerprint is registered using the smart fingerprint sensor, which supports stress-free security, each user can easily switch to his or her own home screen.

The ARROWS Tab FJT21 comes equipped with Fujitsu’s proprietary “Multi-Connection”(2) technology which enables the tablet to be simultaneously connected to a 4G LTE/3G and a Wi-Fi network for fast communications. It also features water- (IP5/8) and dust-resistant (IP5X)(3) technology – that allows for a care-free tablet experience, compatibility with DTCP+ for DLNA connectivity, and front stereo speakers with Dolby® Digital Plus for an impressive audio experience, making it a tablet loaded with advanced features and performance.

As smartphones have come into widespread use, a proliferation of data-intensive services and media content, together with diversification, has led to a rapid expansion in the tablet market and the ability to easily enjoy such content on a large-screen smart device. To enable customers to get the most enjoyment from their tablet, Fujitsu developed the ARROWS Tab FJT21, which combines a lightweight form factor for easy carrying with long battery life, meaning users don’t have to worry about the battery running out. Featuring a sleek, seamless design with rounded casing that fits comfortably into a user’s hand, a scratch-resistant “Ultra Toughguard plus” rear coating, and a display using Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 to protect from scratches and shocks, this is a tablet that can be used with confidence over the long term.

ARROWS Tab FJT21 Features

Combines incredibly long battery life with a large, lightweight display for enhanced usability

The ARROWS Tab FJT21 tablet features a high-capacity 9,600-mAh battery, as well as various energy saving capabilities powered by Fujitsu’s proprietary Human Centric Engine, delivering long battery life with a lightweight body of approximately 519g, making it easy to carry.

WQXGA (2560 × 1600) display, a top-class resolution among tablets, delivers eye-catching clarity

The tablet’s high-resolution WQXGA (2560 × 1600) display, at the top of its class among tablet PCs, allows users to experience a variety of content with eye-catching clarity. In addition, it uses Fujitsu’s proprietary Xevic image processing engine, which adjusts the color or image definition depending on the content, such as still images from the tablet’s photo gallery or YouTube™ videos, and applies super high-resolution processing that makes even details pop out with clarity. The result is natural-looking images rendered with breathtaking detail.

Full-Seg support enables digital terrestrial TV broadcasts to be viewed and recorded in HD

Whether in the bathroom, a room without a TV, or on-the-go, users can enjoy Full-Seg HD broadcasts with the same quality as high-resolution, digital terrestrial TV at home. Moreover, by using the accompanying Micro-USB adapter cable to connect to a TV antenna, users can enjoy more stable reception. The tablet also supports Full-Seg recording functions that make it possible to schedule recordings of programs and view them afterwards.

Switch to your own customized style with simple fingerprint authentication

Because wallpapers and the arrangement of icons and widgets can all be freely customized, each member of the family can create his or her own home screen. Using the smart fingerprint sensor, which has supported the security of Fujitsu’s feature phones and smartphones to date, each user’s fingerprint can be registered, and the tablet can be smoothly switched to one’s preferred style by simply touching the sensor with a finger.

Human Centric Engine

The tablet is loaded with convenient features, such as Super Clear Mode, which enables the tablet’s built-in luminance sensor to detect that the user is outdoors and automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast of the screen for optimal visibility; a screen-rotation feature which uses a secondary camera to detect the orientation of a user’s face to prevent unintentional screen rotations, such as when the user lies down. Other useful features include an “on-while-held” function where the screen is kept in “on” status as the tablet can determine orientation and motion when being held.

Easy browsing using Fujitsu’s proprietary “Multi-Connection” technology, simultaneous use of 4G LTE/3G and Wi-Fi

By communicating using both 4G LTE/3G and Wi-Fi at the same time, the smartphone can constantly maintain a high-speed communications environment. For example, when displaying shopping, travel, food and other graphics-heavy websites, the images and text can each be downloaded over separate connections, enabling smooth pause-free rendering. Since the combined connections consume barely any more power than 4G LTE by itself, users can enjoy the added speed without having to worry about battery drain. Furthermore, when an accessible Wi-Fi connection is detected, it can be added while still connected via a 4G LTE/3G network. This, in turn, makes it possible to maintain a stable and reliable connection without having to switch between protocols.

High-spec capabilities

The Android™ 4.2 ARROWS Tab FJT21 tablet comes loaded with a wide range of capabilities that make it easy to use in everyday situations, such as a quad-core 2.2-GHz CPU, the high-performance ATOK® Japanese-language input system, IPX5/8 water resistance and IP5X dust-resistance, NFC, DLNA/DTCP+, Miracast, Bluetooth® 4.0, and Dolby Digital Plus.