Fujitsu Releases New Vertically Integrated Database System
Fujitsu Releases New Vertically Integrated Database System

Dec 06, 2012– Tokyo, Japan  (Techreleased) – Fujitsu announced the immediate availability in Japan of Fujitsu Integrated System HA Database Ready, a vertically integrated, open-standards database system offering high performance, exceptional reliability, and rapid setup.

The new product is a unified hardware and software database system optimized for the fast, accurate processing of business data, and builds on integration technology the Company has developed through its experience delivering and operating diverse database systems. Additionally, performance levels are up to 20 times greater than Fujitsu’s earlier database systems. The use of Fujitsu-developed software technology(1) enables databases to go into operation the day the hardware is installed, and makes operational tasks such as backup and recovery easy to perform.

For customers, the ability to bring a fast, reliable database online quickly and easily, and to have automated backups and one-click recovery, significantly reduces operational burden. Furthermore, an open-standard PostgreSQL database interface enables the new product to work with a wide range of software and packages. PostgreSQL is guaranteed to be compatible between versions, ensuring that customers have uninterrupted use of their data.

Fujitsu has developed Dynamic Integrated Systems, a new vertically integrated platform covering both hardware and software to provide configurations optimized for deployment and operations. The release of Fujitsu Integrated System HA Database Ready marks the platform’s first phase, being a vertically integrated product optimized for database systems. Cloud Ready Blocks, a private-cloud integrated software package that Fujitsu has already been offering in Japan, will be added to the Dynamic Integrated Systems line and will continue to be enhanced.

While hardware performance and functionality continues to undergo dramatic improvements, making the most of hardware capabilities requires sophisticated integration technology involving multiple pieces of hardware and software. Even in database systems focused on transaction processing, there is a growing need for high-performance, high-reliability products that can be brought online quickly, that offer 24 × 7 operations, and that work with existing software and packages.

With Fujitsu Integrated System HA Database Ready, customers have the benefit of great performance with a very reliable open database system that they can use quickly without any specialized deployment or operations technology.

Product Features

Fujitsu-developed software technologies give this vertically integrated, easy-to-use open database system outstanding performance and reliability. In addition, the system is based on the top performing, exceptionally reliable technology of Symfoware, Fujitsu’s database software, making it fully compatible with the PostgreSQL open database interface, and ensuring excellent compatibility with other software.

1. High performance, high reliability

The entire database resides in high-speed PCIe solid-state drives, eliminating I/O bottlenecks, maximizing CPU performance, and enabling transaction processing as much as 20 times faster than in previous products.

The proprietary mirroring technology in Symfoware, Fujitsu’s database software, gives full, triple-redundancy that automatically backs up data to Fujitsu’s ETERNUS storage system. This ensures business continuity even in the unlikely event of a problem.

2. Rapid setup

The system is pre-tuned to get maximum benefit from all resources, obviating the need for any complex deployment or configuration work, so that anybody can quickly start using a database.

For system operations, the product is loaded with monitoring features based on the technology in Systemwalker, Fujitsu’s integrated operations-management software. This enables the entire system’s operating state to be checked at a glance. It is also loaded with backup and recovery features based on recovery patterns refined through Fujitsu’s extensive systems integration experience, with automated daily backups.

In addition, Fujitsu-developed software technology allows one-click database recovery, even when recovering from a hardware failure. Furthermore, automatic application of patch files that update in turns between primary and backup servers enables maintenance tasks to be performed without shutting down business operations.

3. Open standards

The product provides an interface that is compatible with the open database standard PostgreSQL for excellent connectivity and compatibility with existing software and packages. In addition, PostgreSQL guarantees compatibility between versions, thereby improving customers’ ability to continue using their existing software assets.

Moreover, Fujitsu is one of the original participants in the PostgreSQL community, is active in ensuring that it has usability on par with commercial database products, and can assist customers in building an environment that they can use with confidence. In the future, the Company plans to test compatibility with a wide range of middleware and development tools, primarily open-source software. And in addition to connectivity with Fujitsu’s Interstage Application Server application platform, the company is working with Red Hat to test connectivity to Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

Comment from Craig Muzilla, Vice President and General Manager, Middleware, Red Hat

“We are excited to be a part of this new solution from Fujitsu and applaud their commitment to customer choice and open source technologies such as Red Hat’s JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. As enterprise technical demands continue to grow, it is more critical than ever that IT groups have solutions that are easy to deploy and manage to improve time to market and competitive advantage.”

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