Fujitsu Releases BroadOne GX4000 Series Radio System with 3 Gbps Transmission Speed – Jul 01, 2013– Tokyo, Japan  (Techreleased) – Fujitsu today announced that it has commenced sales of the FUJITSU Network BroadOne GX4000 Series, a high capacity radio transport system capable of 3 Gbps transmission.

BroadOne GX4000 Series
BroadOne GX4000 Series

Enabling quick and flexible high-capacity wireless communications, the new system can also be employed to efficiently build small cells for handling traffic surges in mobile networks.

The BroadOne GX4000 Series has been deployed by STNet, Inc., Japan-based telecommunications company in Kagawa Prefecture.

This product has been honored with the “Award of the Chairman of the Board of ARIB(1)” at the “24th Meritorious Award of Radio” held on June 19, 2013.

Due to the popularity of smartphones and tablets in recent years, along with the growing volumes of content handled by such devices, there has been a sharp increase in traffic passing through mobile networks and other communications channels. As a result, there is a significant need to increase the capacity of wireless communications infrastructure that complements mobile wireless base stations and fiber-optic cables.

Operating in the millimeter-wave E-band, which allows access to a wider radio frequency spectrum, the BroadOne GX4000 Series from Fujitsu uses Impulse Radio wireless technology(2) to achieve transmission rates of 3 Gbps. In addition, given its compact and lightweight form factor, the BroadOne GX4000 Series is easy to install, and it can be employed in a host of different applications, such as providing service around waterway crossings, where it is difficult to lay fiber-optic cable, as well as for use at traffic-heavy events and for temporary radio relays.

Features BroadOne GX4000 Series

1. Realizes high-quality, high-capacity wireless communications

Using high capacity data rate of 3 Gbps, the technology provides high-speed, high-quality wireless communications with a hop distance up to about 3 km(3). In addition, the BroadOne GX4000 Series supports standard Ethernet (10G BASE-LR) and CPRI (2.4576 Gbps) traffic interfaces(4), making it versatile for use in different network architectures.

2. Energy-efficient and compact for easy installation anywhere

The BroadOne GX4000 Series consumes a mere 30 W and measures only 25 × 25 × 6.5 cm (4 Liter), making it both power-efficient and compact. Given its compact and lightweight form factor, it can be utilized as a temporary link requiring mobility, as well as for events and rapid network recovery.