Fujitsu Launches New Lineup of FMV Series PCs with Four New Models – Jun 05, 2013– Tokyo, Japan  (Techreleased) – Fujitsu today announced its updated FMV Series lineup of consumer-oriented personal computers. The new lineup includes a total of four new models in three product families. They feature enhanced design and performance specifications as well as a touchscreen display compatible with Windows 8. The new models will be available in Japan from June 7, 2013.

The notebook PC LIFEBOOK UH90/L is the world’s thinnest Ultrabook™(1), and features a touchscreen equipped wide-format IGZO 14-inch liquid crystal display, which reproduces images in an ultra-high 3200 x 1800 pixel display resolution. The LIFEBOOK UH90/L’s CPU has been outfitted with the latest 4th-Generation Intel® Core™ i5-4200U Processor.

The new ESPRIMO FH78/LD desktop PC boasts an advanced high-power speaker system with an on-board subwoofer, reaching a maximum output of 30W to deliver clear and crisp sound. Combined with its large Full HD 23-inch wide-format liquid crystal display, the ESPRIMO FH78/LD allows users to fully enjoy audio and video content.

The Fujitsu My Cloud service for personal computers has also been newly updated with enhanced functionality(2). In addition to functionality that enables users to enjoy television programs they have recorded and saved from home on the go via a smartphone, the cloud-based service now supports turning on home air conditioners remotely(3). Moving forward, Fujitsu plans to continue enhancing the cloud service to deliver new ways for users to enjoy their PCs through My Cloud.

Product Features

1. Ultrabook™ LIFEBOOK UH90/L: The world’s thinnest Ultrabook™, featuring an ultra-high resolution LCD display with built-in touchscreen

Ultrabook LIFEBOOK UH90/L
Ultrabook LIFEBOOK UH90/L

A ‘Made in Japan’ Ultrabook™ emblematic of the slender, solid and iconic beauty of a Japanese sword

  • A 14-inch wide-format display fit into a standard 13-inch form factor
  • The LIFEBOOK UH90/L’s advanced display panel utilizes IGZO technology to achieve an ultra-high display resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels. With approximately 2.7 times the detail of Full HD combined with a pixel density of 262 ppi, users can enjoy ultra-high resolution digital photos that are given a vivid, real-life quality. This also allows text displayed on the screen to appear sharper and easier to read.
  • The touch panel’s special surface processing, called Super Glide Coating, enables users to smoothly navigate through Windows 8’s touch panel operations.
  • In addition to its “ultra-compressed, solid core” design resembling a single strong plank, the LIFEBOOK UH90/L is made extra tough to withstand weight of around 200 kgf(4), as tested using a top-down pressure test. The rough treatment that could be sustained on a crowded train, for example, is no problem for the LIFEBOOK UH90/L.
  • The use of omnidirectional design, or “Omnidesign,” makes the LIFEBOOK UH90/L aesthetically beautiful when examined at any angle, even from the bottom or from the back. The new Ultrabook™ also boasts enhanced levels of computing performance, with on-board features such as the latest 4th-Generation Intel® Core™ i5-4200U Processor, as well as a 500GB hybrid HDD that enables quick startup for the OS as well as ample storage capacity for data.

2. ESPRIMO FH78/LD: A 23-inch desktop PC to fully enjoy great music and great video


    Fujitsu’s proprietary eye tracking assistance technology enables users to select Windows 8 charms and scroll up and down through web pages in Windows Internet Explorer® 10 just by moving their eyes.

  • An advanced 30W high power speaker system jointly developed together with Pioneer includes a specially tuned on-board subwoofer (two 10W stereo speakers + one 10W subwoofer) that balances deep bass and crisp treble
  • By combining a 23-inch wide-format Full HD display together with IPS technology for wider viewing angles, the ESPRIMO FH78/LD’s display allows users to experience the power of full high definition video, from any angle. In addition, the system’s approximately 3TB high-capacity HDD can store numerous recorded digital broadcasts.

3. The LIFEBOOK AH Family: 15.6-inch notebook PC’s enhanced levels of computing performance

AH45/K (Ruby Red)
AH45/K (Ruby Red)

The AH45/K model has a new high-capacity battery that gives it a usage life of approximately 6.4 hours, roughly twice the duration of previous models. Similarly, in addition to a new high-capacity battery with a life of about 7.9 hours, the AH42/K model has received a boost in computing performance thanks to an upgraded CPU – the Intel® Pentium® Processor 2020M.

4. Newly updated My Cloud service

(1) Enjoy TV on the go
Through My Cloud, TV programs recorded and saved at home can be viewed on the go with a smartphone or tablet. Not only can users view content saved on a local PC hard drive at home, but also TV programs from TV recorders connected to My Cloud. With this service, users can watch TV programs easily and simply from any location, such as when on the train or waiting in line at stores.
The UH90/L and the FH78/LD are the world’s first personal computers to feature support for the DTCP+ specification for remote viewing via the Internet. These machines are also the first PC’s to receive certification for DLPA remote access guidelines(5).

(2) Remotely turning on home air conditioners
In addition to the existing ability to turn off home air conditioners remotely by using a smartphone, Fujitsu’s My Cloud now can turn on air conditioners, set temperature and air volume and control other settings. This allows home air conditioners to be controlled with more precise timing, leading to a reduction in wasted electricity and time. In the future, Fujitsu aims to create a system for greater control of electronics at home, called ECHONET Lite, by utilizing My Cloud as a controller for HEMS (Home Energy Management System).

(3) Easier photo and video download
My Cloud has been integrated with the F-LINK application for downloading photos and video. Users can now easily download content onto a PC using an identical process, whether through wireless, SD card, or USB cable connection. The My Cloud Start feature for browsing photos and video can be activated with a single click to more easily enjoy from download to viewing.

5. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn—Participation in partner program

In order to enable users to take full advantage of the new models of 4th-Generation Intel® Core™ Processor family of products equipped in the LIFEBOOK UH90/L, Fujitsu will participate in a partner program with Square Enix, the makers of the videogame “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn”.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Family Product Availability Pricing
LIFEBOOK UH90/L June 28, 2013 Open
AH45/K June 20, 2013
AH42/K June 14, 2013
ESPRIMO FH78/LD June 7, 2013