Nov 08, 2012– Roubaix , France  (Techreleased) – After being given the green light by the Greenlight community on the 15th October, FLY’N, a platform-puzzle game, will be released on STEAM on the 9th November, at the price of €9.99. Ankama releases a launch trailer for the occasion.

Exclusively playable on PC for joypad and keyboard users alike, the game will be available for download in all countries and offers over forty levels, mixing platform, puzzle and exploration gaming. In FLY’N, the player plays as four Buds to try and save the World-Trees from the threat of Dyer, a loony hair-dryer. Each Bud has a unique power. Players will have to switch between the world’s two visions to weave their way around the treetops, hot on Dyer’s tail.

FLY’N’s release on STEAM will offer access to all of Valve’s platform features: leaderboard , unlockable challenges and much, much more.

Players can discover FLY’N by watching the release trailer or the developer’s diary.

To follow all the news on the game, go to the official devblog:

Story :

The end is nigh for the World-Trees of Helycia. Dyer, the cosmic bin man, has decided to rob all of the World-Trees’ sap, the Helys. Little by little, beneath the rubbish scattered by Megabin, Dyer’s cosmic dustbin, the World-Trees are passing away…

Eager to fight back, the World-Trees create Buds, small creatures born deep within their roots. Flyn and the other Buds will need to combine their powers to find the Helys, re-establish the World-Trees’ harmonious balance and foil Dyer’s devilish plans once and for all.

Characteristics :

·         4 characters, each with a different gameplay: experiment with the four Buds and their individual powers to save the World-Trees.

–          F lyn sings to interact with his environment.

–          L yft can stick to almost any surface.

–          Y wok puffs up to become invincible and bounce all over the place.

–          N yls propels himself through the air like a rocket.

·         Innate/ s ubtle vision: switch between two visions to find your path.

·         The reconstruction of the trees: redistribute the Helys (bubbles of sap) in order to play with the decor and free the inhabitants of the cosmic archipelago of Helycia.

·         With over  forty levels of increasing difficulty, the game invites you to explore 5 different worlds and the puzzles and platform challenges they have in store.

·         Explore all the levels’ nooks and crannies to discover tons of secrets.