Expansion Of Bosch’s Packaging Technology  Location Reaches Important Milestone
Expansion Of Bosch’s Packaging Technology Location Reaches Important Milestone

July 06, 2012 – Crailsheim, Germany  (Techreleased) – At Bosch Packaging Technology’s Crailsheim location, the topping-out of the new assembly hall was celebrated in the presence of Group Executive Management Chairman Friedbert Klefenz, Chief Councilor Gerhard Bauer, Mayor Rudolf Michl and the entire workforce. Site Manager Joachim Brenner praised the progress of the construction project: “We are right on schedule. I am impressed with the speed and progress of the construction work on this new facility for our Pharma Business Unit. Shortly we will have the capacity for even more efficient manufacturing processes.” Councilor Bauer and Mayor Michl acknowledged the commitment of everyone involved as well as Bosch Packaging Technology’s role as a major employer in the region. The expansion will create 70 new jobs, mainly in assembly and development. As a result, the total number of associates at the Packaging Technology Business Unit in Crailsheim will increase to around 900.
The new assembly hall covers an area of 6,600 square meters and offers additional capacity for the manufacture of large-scale installations for the sterile filling and packaging of liquid pharmaceuticals. The facility is expected to be operational in November. Bosch is investing a total of 13 million euros in the expansion of this location, thus strengthening its Pharma Business Unit. The project is complemented by an office complex with a total area of 2,200 square meters which will accommodate 130 associates. The new premises are expected to be ready for use in May 2013.

Modern and efficient: Design of new hall reduces CO2 emissions
To build the new assembly hall, the terrain level was raised by up to six meters. Reinforced concrete columns, each weighing 26 tons, provide complete stability. The new office buildings are positioned alongside the new assembly hall, providing associates with a view of the machines from their office windows. The entire complex uses a biogas plant to provide heat. Gas is transported to the Bosch site via pipelines from a local farm. This design reduces CO2emissions by over 450 tons annually. Overall, the construction project provides employment for over 200 people.