Ericsson Named Sole Vendor For Thuraya May 01, 2013– Detroit, USA  (Techreleased) – Mobile satellite services operator Thuraya has selected Ericsson as the sole vendor for its circuit-switched core network. Under the agreement, Ericsson will upgrade the Thuraya circuit-switched core network, implement an advanced billing mediation solution and provide support services for five years.

Thuraya Telecommunications Company
Thuraya Telecommunications Company

Ahmed Ali Al Shamsi, Chief Technology Officer at Thuraya, says: “As a global leader in mobile satellite services, we take pride in our network, which offers the best quality services in the industry. It is important that we can maintain a high level of network availability and can offer our customers the highest quality voice and data communication services. Ericsson’s innovative solutions and our vision to provide customers with the best possible connectivity will help us achieve our long-term expansion goals. We have selected Ericsson as our partner to upgrade our circuit-switched core network and maintain our highly stable and reliable network.”

Thuraya’s satellite network has always provided consistent connectivity in remote locations. The core network upgrade – including a hardware upgrade of Thuraya’s Mobile Switching Center (MSC), and hardware and software enhancements for the Home Location Register (HLR), Operation Support Systems (OSS) and Multi Mediation platform – will give subscribers greater access to telecommunication services wherever they are and provide Thuraya with additional capacity to handle future growth.

The integration and implementation of Ericsson’s billing mediation solution will enable Thuraya to handle all customers, partners and services in a streamlined, convergent system, reducing network complexity. Ericsson support services ensure that the network will be running efficiently and smoothly for the next five years.

Rafiah Ibrahim, Executive Vice President, Region Middle East and Africa, Ericsson says: “The rapid expansion of Thuraya’s satellite coverage demands a dynamic solution that will transform its existing infrastructure and maintain Thuraya’s growing, market-leading footprint. Our services and solutions will equip Thuraya with the latest technology that will simplify operations and provide an unprecedented customer experience.”

Ericsson’s relationship with Thuraya began more than 15 years ago when Thuraya and Hughes International awarded the first network contract to Ericsson in 1997. Since then, Ericsson has worked closely with Thuraya, which is partly owned by Etisalat, while it made its mark as a leading mobile satellite service provider of voice, data, maritime, rural telephony, fleet management and other telecommunication solutions in remote areas, expanding into more than 140 countries around the world.