For anyone looking to start a business from home or simply make a little bit of cash on the side, drop shipping is perfect. Potential drop shippers have numerous options for finding the right wholesale products to offer, and today we are going to look at Doba, a company that provides drop shippers with a platform to provide access to a wide array of wholesale items available for sale.

Doba Drop ShippingAbout Drop Shipping

In short, a drop shipper works with a manufacturer or wholesaler by hosting their products for sale on a website. Any orders the drop shipper receives he or she will pass along the order information to the manufacturer/retailer directly, collecting a profit in the difference between the wholesale price and the price listed by the drop shipper. Even with the profit made by the drop-shipper, wholesale savings are still passed along to the customer.

About Doba

Doba is one of the most well known drop-shipping platforms in the industry, and we wanted to do some research to find out what makes them so popular among drop-shippers. As it turns out, we identified some key features offered by Doba that we didn’t find with other drop-shipping services that we researched. Doba has been around since 2002 and provides entrepreneurs with an advantage into starting an ecommerce business. Follow Doba on LinkedIn to learn more about the company.

Consolidated Product Catalog

Doba features a product catalog that includes over 2 million items available for sale by the drop shipper. Those who choose to opt out of using a service like Doba find themselves searching high and low for suppliers that have the items they want to sell. In some cases drop-shippers will buy supplier lead lists from 3rd parties only to find that the list is filled with non-existent companies. With Doba, all products are listed in one place and come from trusted wholesalers only.

Streamlined Inventory List

Drop-shippers often have a hard time keeping track of the products they are selling. With Doba’s streamlined inventory list features, sellers can quickly and easily organize their products as well as edit titles, descriptions, and prices before easily exporting it to various online marketplaces. It really takes the hassle out of going to each online marketplace you post on a changing the info there. Doba also offers inventory alerts to notify the drop shipper when items they are selling are running low, avoiding customers putting in orders on product not available.

Push To Marketplace

During our research, we were most impressed by Doba’s Push to Marketplace tool. To maximize sale potential, drop shippers will often post items on multiple online marketplaces, including eBay, eBay Stores, and Facebook Marketplace. The push to Marketplace tool allows users to post listings on all those sites plus any others all at once. Manually entering the same listing to 4 or 5 different marketplaces can be a dull, time-consuming task, but this tool eliminates that need. An added advantage to the tool is that the seller can make sure the product info and prices are the same between all marketplaces.

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