Sept 27, 2012–Leinfelden-Echterdingen,Germany (Techreleased) –Dremel’s Moto-Saw is a novel multi-instrument tool for amateurs, hobbyists and creative people: It is a scroll saw and electric fret saw in one and is therefore suited to different sawing in wood, plastic and metal– from clas-sic free-hand fret saw work for decorations to trimming skirting boards in stationary mode.
Moto-Saw is quick and easy to set up and store
If the Moto-Saw is to be used as a scroll saw, it can be set up in a few simple steps. To do this, fix its base to a stable surface –a table top or a workbench for example – with the two screw clamps provided, lock the electric fret saw into the opening in its base, fit the saw blade and then you can begin.

Dremel's Moto-Saw
Dremel’s Moto-Saw

The Moto-Saw has a protected switch which prevents the saw from being started unintentionally. The number of strokes can be chosen according to the work piece material and infinitely adjusted. Moreover, thanks to the quick release system, the saw blades can be changed keyless and easily: They are hooked in an eye at the top and the bottom and tightened with a clamping lever. In addition to metal cutting blades and coarse wood cutting blades, special fine wood cutting blades are also available. These blades are smaller in diameter and are therefore particularly well suited for curved cuts, for example. The Moto-Saw’s maximum cutting depth is 18 millimeters.

A hold-down foot ensures that the work piece does not move or vibrate when sawing. As a result, the work piece is stable and safe to work on. Guide rails on both sides of the base make angled and parallel cuts easier: The parallel fence contained in the component parts can either be fixed on the left or on the right. For those who want to work dust-free in stationary mode, a dust extractor can also be attached to the dust port on the work table.

For free-hand cuts, on larger work pieces for example, the Moto-Saw can be easily removed from its base using the quick release button. If it is no longer needed, it can be disassembled and stored in the space-saving case supplied.

Dremel’s Moto-Saw will be available at retail outlets from October 2012 onwards at the recommended retail price of 119.99 euros, including VAT. It will be delivered in a carrying case with two MS51 coarse wood cutting blades, two MS52 fine wood cutting blades, one MS53 metal cutting blade, the parallel fence and the two screw clamps to fix its base.

 Specifications  Moto-Saw
 Power  70 W
 Voltage  220 – 240 V
 Number of strokes when idling  1 500 – 2 250 min-1
 Stroke length  8 mm
 Maximum cutting depth  18 mm
 Cable length  2.75 m
 Weight  1.1 kg (without work table)